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Gold Earring

Gold Earring is the ornament of the ear. It is a jewellery piece attached to the ear through a piercing in the lobe or other parts of the ear except for the clip earrings that are clipped. Most of the time, the earring is worn as a pair of earrings in each ear. However, sometimes several earrings may be worn on each side, and sometimes only one earring is worn. This totally depends on personal preferences and current trends

Like all jewellery types, Earrings come in different metals such as silver, gold, platinum, plastic, glass, etc., but the most preferable and durable are precious metals such as gold. 


We at Al Romaizan shop have different types of gold earrings according to their design, colours and karat. For example, we have 21k & 18k earrings of yellow, rose, and white gold. Also, we have many gemstone earrings in different styles.


Some of the Popular Earring Types


Stud earrings are the classical style of earrings that covers the earlobe, and these are the only type that does not dangle down. They usually have one stone, most of the time a diamond.


Hoop Earrings’ original shape is a circle with a wire penetrating the ear and connecting to the other part in the back of the ear to close the circle. They have grown in popularity in recent years, and as a result, they are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. You may find square or triangle shaped hoops.


Clip-on Earrings are worn without penetrating the ear. So you can wear them without the need to pierce your ear. They have two clips in the two sides of the earring that closes them. These are worn on the earlobe, and they depend on the mechanic pressure to hold them in place.


Drop earrings are similar to stud earrings except that they go down and don’t just rest on the earlobe or float. There are many styles of drop earrings, and the most popular one is the teardrop that comes down with the shape of teardrops.


Chandelier Earrings, as their name suggests, have a shape similar to a chandelier. Sometimes they dangle and come in different styles and lengths.


Huggie Earrings are a type of hoops but thicker and smaller. They resemble the rings worn in fingers, and they circle around the earlobe with a wire or a clip that close the circle and hold them tight on the earlobe.


Threader Earrings are earrings that have a string that goes through the earlobe. Sometimes they may be studded with stones.


Cluster Earrings are earrings that have a cluster of gemstones. They sometimes come in the shape of stud earrings, or they may dangle down.


Earrings are interesting pieces of jewellery that never goes out of fashion and suit all tastes


How to choose the perfect earring type for you?


When you decide to buy gold earrings, you need to keep in mind certain factors so that you will choose what suits you the best. We have summarized below what we believe are the main factors to keep in mind while shopping for earrings.


  • Check Your Face Shape

The shape of your face affects the pair of earrings that match you well. You may wear different types, but when you choose the most appropriate type that goes well with your face shape you will get a better look. 


You should use a pair of earrings that make your face flaws look smaller and focus on your beauty. For example, the square face shape goes well with circular shape earrings such as hoops, Huggies or any rounded earrings. Whereas, the oval face shape fits almost all earrings types and shapes.


 What are the face shapes? And how to determine your face shape.


The face shapes are as below;


  Oval Face

An oval face shape is a round shape but longer.


Square Face

A square face shape resembles a square figure.


Heart Face

The face will resemble a heart shape when the forehead is wider than the chin.


Round Face

A round face is a circle face shape where there are no clear edges or angles.


Triangle Face

A triangle face is clear when the forehead is wider than the chin and sharper angles are clear, especially in the cheeks and chin.


As their name suggests, each face shape describes how your face shape is. In order to know your face shape, you can stand in front of a mirror and draw your face borders with lipstick. Then the shape that will result is your face shape.


  • The Occasion


Wearing earrings for a Saturday get-together with your friends is different from wearing earrings to attend a wedding. The occasion determines the style and design of the earrings that you need to wear.


A small pair of plain hoops may be a perfect choice for hanging out with friends, while a lavish pair of chandelier earrings will suit better at parties and weddings.


Simple small stud earrings are usually the perfect choice for an everyday look.


  • The Outfit

Casual outfits require casual earrings, whereas formal work attire will need formal earrings such as elegant drop earrings.

  • Your Style

When it comes to fashion and jewellery, your style should always be dominant. Never lose your own personality and preferences to current trends. 


You need to pick your earrings according to your likes and they should match your clothes as well. 


  • Your Hair cut/Style

The haircut or style is crucial to the overall look. If you pull your hair up, stud earrings, Huggies and even hoops may look marvellous on you.


If you have a bob haircut, where one side is longer than the other side, one threader earring or a large hoop may look perfect here.


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