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Gold Necklace

A necklace is a jewellery article for neck ornaments. It comes in different lengths and styles. It is probably the oldest jewellery in history. Men & women of ancient times used to adorn their necks with various chains, cords, and beads. Necklaces have developed several types and have become very popular jewellery items

Necklace types


Gold necklaces come in different designs and lengths. Necklaces are classified according to their metals, design or shape, length, purpose, clasps and pendants or charms. In fact, the length of a necklace is the main distinction between necklaces, apart from the materials.


Necklaces Types as per their length;

  • A Chain necklace is the base general necklace type. It usually comes in solid gold or silver. It has a lock or a clasp to close and open it. Most chains have a pendant or several pendants attached to them.
  • A Choker is a necklace that is worn tight around the neck. It is usually 14-16 inches. Chokers come in different materials such as leather, beads, silver, gold, platinum, etc. They can be studded with stones or attached to pendants.
  • A matinee necklace is a popular necklace with a medium length of 22 to 23 inches. It usually comes on the bust line and is studded with stones and beads most of the time. This type of necklace goes well with a v-cut and plunging neckline.
  • Princess necklace usually comes in fancy style and is studded with beads and gems. Its length is between 17-19 inches.
  • An opera necklace is usually 26-35 inches and is a perfect choice with tops with deep necks. An Opera necklace has a versatile style that can go well with formal and everyday styles.
  • A rope necklace is a name that refers to any necklace that is longer than an opera necklace.


Necklaces Types as per their materials;

  • Bead necklaces: This type of necklace has been used since ancient times. Right now, it is still one of the most stylish necklaces. Beads are balls with holes in the middle to place them together in the necklace cord. These balls might be made of plastic, stones or glass, and most of the time, these beads are usually of unique colours and are strung together to form a colourful necklace.
  • Silver necklaces: Silver still has its special place in the jewellery world. For many ancient civilizations, silver was valued more than gold. Silver necklaces are still in demand, especially for people who prefer white or grey hues over a bright yellow tint.
  • Gold necklaces: Gold necklaces are the most valued among other materials. Since gold can come in different gold colours such as rose, white or yellow, it made its way to a larger number of necklace fans. So you can get a necklace in white or even in the three colours together.
  • Diamond necklaces: Diamond necklaces are the most expensive necklaces. The cut of a diamond may determine the high price more than any other factor. Usually, diamond necklaces are in white gold or palladium.
  • Pearl necklaces: Pearl necklace is a necklace made of precious pearls, and it is usually made the same way the bead necklace is.
  • Platinum necklaces: platinum necklaces are made of platinum, one of the precious metals that have gained popularity in jewellery making in recent years.


There are other materials used in necklaces such as palladium, and ruthenium among other materials.


Necklaces as per their purposes;

  • Religious necklaces: This type of necklace symbolises a certain belief. Usually, it has pendants or small charms attached to the necklace with a religious symbol.
  • Tribal necklaces: This type of necklace is a symbol of a certain race or tribe. This is an old type, and maybe nowadays, it does exist with the same symbolism it initially has, but it is fashionable.


Necklaces as per their design or shape;

  • Pendant necklaces: Pendant necklaces are so popular, and their demand is getting higher. These necklaces are the most versatile and, at the same time, can be the most personalized. As pendants can vary from general shapes such as stars, moon, cats or any figure to very specific personalized items such as letters or the name of the holder.
  • Strand necklaces: Strand necklaces are trendy now. The more strand the necklace has, the more stylish.
  • Charm necklaces: Charm necklace is similar to pendant necklaces, but the difference is that charm necklaces have several small items connected to the necklace cord, unlike a pendant necklace that has a single pendant. The pendant is usually bigger than the charm.


Al Romaizan Gold Necklace Online Collection


Al Romaizan gold & jewellery online store has various types of gold necklaces. There are necklaces for every occasion and every taste at a reasonable budget.


Al Romaizan gold necklaces are available in;

  • 21K gold 
  • 18K Gold
  • Modern style
  • Traditional style
  • Kids’
  • White, yellow and rose gold


 Our designs are inspired by our surroundings, such as nature & culture. We try to create timeless pieces to last forever and suit our clients’ sophisticated tastes.


Customized Necklaces

We have a custom-order service to make it even easier for our clients to get what they desire. We give a chance to our clients to express their selves, needs and what they like to have in a necklace, and we ensure having it is real.


How does it work?

It is simple. You can choose the design, gold karat (21-18), gold colour, or the added gemstone if you like or if you would like to go for a coloured stone or enamel gold. 


Our designers will be in touch with you throughout the process to create the gold necklace you are looking for. 


However, keep in mind that some designs may not work on 21K gold, or others may not work fine with a gemstone, for example, so you need to be flexible so that you will get a durable piece.