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At al Romaizan, we have a unique hair and ankle ornaments collection. These are usually modernized designs of old traditional jewellery, such as hair clips and anklets. They come in pure 21-18k yellow gold. In addition, there is gold enamel jewellery and jewellery studded with stones

Discover the main items under the category of others; 


Hair Clips: 

These are old jewellery items that are available almost everywhere. Their purpose is to ornament the hair while keeping it away from the forehead and the eye. Different types and metals are used for hair clips, and Al Romaizan hair clips are of 21-18K pure gold. Some may come in mixed colours of rose, white and yellow gold, and some may be coloured by enamel producing amazing hues.


Our designs and styles of hair clips are inspired by traditional gold jewellery. They preserve the essence of the past in stylish designs.




The other significant item in this category is anklets. Reviving jewellery is re-entering the world of jewellery with a new look. We have gold anklets with little charms of enamel-coloured gold. Some may come be studded with gemstones.


Anklets are fascinating items to add to your jewellery collection. They have a significant role in many cultures, and these are considered an important part of wedding jewellery.


Other cultures consider anklets a sign of modern jewellery. So, if you would like to be stylish and follow the trend, then buy a gold anklet to enrich your collection.


It is also worth adding here that anklets are the preferred jewellery for both men and women in some parts of the world.


Gold Chains


Gold chains are very popular in bracelets and necklaces. It is rare to consider gold chain necklaces or bracelets out of fashion due to their nature, as they are so versatile, and can work well for both special occasions and everyday wear.


We have various types, styles and designs at our online store that suit different tastes. The main chain shapes are gold beaded, twisted, circle, and square gold pieces chains.


Gold Smart Phones


As part of the gold others collection, we have gold smartphones such as iPhones.




Watches have always been considered a type of lavish jewellery. Being a necessity to have, making valuable and lavish gold watches is an advantage to have.

A stylish elegant 21K or 18 gold watch will transfer an ordinary look to a fabulous one.

We have gold watches in white, yellow and rose gold. Check out our online watch collection to get luxurious watches for you and your beloved.


Why choose Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store to buy from?


Well-Known Brand


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery has been in the gold industry for over seven decades. Over all these years, we witnessed success over success due to our dedication to presenting the best to our clients.


We ensure having the best quality, high artisanship, unique designs and excellent services. This helps us to always gain gold & jewellery lovers’ trust.


We started from Al Riyadh city with a vision to preserve the beauty of our heritage in timeless unique designs. 


With this vision and our values to commit to excellence in everything we do, Al Romaizan is a brand that is trusted all over the GGC region.


Experienced in Gold & Jewellery


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery has a long history in the gold & jewellery making and field. Our designers are experienced creative jewellery designers who don’t settle for less than high-quality designs.


We ensure to keep up the high standards of our products, so we established a training centre to rain our designers.


Trusted Online Store


Al Romaizan online store guarantees a safe, yet exciting shopping experience. We use trusted payment methods to secure our clients’ financial information.


So you can shop various gold anklets, gold watches, etc. while feeling secure that your personal and financial information are kept safe.


Various Jewellery Types


What marks our online store is its diversity. You can find different designs of hair jewellery, and gold chains that suit every occasion, outfit and taste.


Adding to this, having products suit children. We have a special product line for kids’ jewellery.


Reasonable Prices


Another important factor that drives clients to pick our jewellery and luxurious products is the fact that we provide distinctive jewellery at very reasonable prices compared to others.


Buying a gold chain from our online store means owning a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery and paying a convenient price at the same time.


Continuous Offers


Since we believe that jewellery holds its value in people’s hearts and they preserve the best of our memories, we always provide special offers and campaign on special days and occasions.


It is amazing to always celebrate Eids, or any national holiday while sparkling in new beautiful gold jewellery. It is also wonderful to make your beloved ones feel special on their special days.


So keep checking our online store for new offers to enjoy happy days with the people you love while looking your best.


Customized Jewellery


Probably, this is one of the most desired services in the jewellery world. Many women find it difficult to find what they are looking for. They may find a design, but not their preferred gold karat or colour.


They may like the pendant design, but still, they would like it if it shows more about themselves.


For this reason, we have a customize-order service where the client creates their own ring or earrings and we make their perfect design a living piece shining on them.


The process is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is express your needs to our designers and we will deliver it to you the way you want.


Check out our other jewellery category to add a unique touch with hair and ankle ornaments.