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Face Shape & Earrings

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There is a common saying among jewellery lovers, “Any outfit is incomplete till earrings are on.” Well, in fact, that is kind of true. Earrings have their charm that spicy up your look. A pair of fine earrings have the power to transfer your ordinary look into an elegant look that makes you stand out from the crowd.


However, choosing the wrong style may have a reversed effect and show up in your flows. So, knowing the best earrings design that fits your face shape is a significant point to keep in mind before buying gold earrings.


First, you need to determine your face shape. To know so, you need to pull your hair back and, with a contour or lipstick, draw over the edges of your face to get the shape while standing in front of the mirror. After knowing your shape face, then you need to check which goes well with which.


Before going into details, it is nice to give you a quick, easy tip. Always choose earrings that have the opposite shape of your face. In this case, you can move the focus over your long chin, for example, with medium-length threader earrings that dangle in the upper middle of your cheeks to add more volume to this area instead of your most noticeable area, your long chin.


Here is a detailed guideline;


Oval Face shape


The oval shape is similar to the round face shape but longer, which creates an even distribution of your face. Women with this shape are the luckiest because they can choose any earrings they wish to wear, and they will look fabulous. 


Square Face Shape


Square faced shape is also similar to a rounded face, but it has a boxier shape rather than circular. So, the forehead and the jawline will have equivalent width.


For this time, always go with rounded-shaped earrings, such as hoops, circular stud earrings or Huggies. For this case, pairing your earrings and the face shape will create a beautifully harmonized look.


Heart Face Shape


A hear-faced shape is when the forehead is wider than the chin. So, the face gets narrower moving from the forehead to the chin.


Ear-drop earrings are the best fit for this shape because moving from top to bottom, the earrings get wider, which creates a contrast with your shape face, and thus a perfect balance.


Round Face Shape


A round face is a face that is similar to a circle where there are no clear or sharp lines, edges or angles on the face. Therefore, It is advisable for round face shape women to choose long earrings, such as threaders that dangle beyond the chin. Better if these earrings are statement long earrings that go to the shoulder. In this way, you will add length to your rounded chin.


However, you need to be careful will round earrings, such as hoops. They will add more roundness to your face.


Triangle Face Shape


A triangle-faced shape is similar to the heart shape but with sharper angles, especially for the cheeks and chin.


Similar to the heart-shaped face, go for earrings that get more volume at the end, such as dangling earrings.


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