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Lowe Mystic Charms 21K Gold Anklet

3,259 AED
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Complementary Maintenance
Certified Solid Gold

Introducing the Lowe Mystic Charms 21K Gold Anklet – a treasure trove of symbolism and luxury wrapped around your ankle. Each charm on this exquisite anklet has been carefully selected for its mystical significance and beauty. The anklet is crafted from gleaming 21K gold, providing a lustrous backdrop for the intriguing charms that dangle with an eye-catching allure.

The anklet features a collection of pendants including a protective eye, a symbol of vigilance and wisdom; a delicate key, representing knowledge and mystery; and a classic heart, the universal sign of love and passion. Complementing these is a miniature book, symbolizing the story of your life and the knowledge you carry, and a whimsical bell, resonating with the sounds of clarity and purity with every step you take.

The Lowe Mystic Charms 21K Gold Anklet is for the individual who carries a love for the esoteric, a person who appreciates the intertwining of luxury and lore. This piece doesn’t just accessorize; it mesmerizes, making it an essential addition to your collection.

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