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Find the most unique & elegant gold jewellery styles in rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc
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At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have a wide gold jewellery collection. Gold Jewellery includes various types of modern, traditional, occasion, others, and kids’ jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, hairclips, hairpins, and earrings. AT Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have great collections of 21K & 18K gold jewellery that suits all tastes, and budgets.


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Online Gold Jewellery Collection


We present an amazing and diverse gold jewellery collection online to make it easier for all jewellery lovers to explore and buy what they love, even if they live outside the countries we operate in. This will also serve as a practical option for everyone who does not want to specify a time for shopping and who has long working hours.


Therefore, what will you find in our online store?


Gold Rings


Al Romaizan gold rings have various designs ranging from traditional, modern, simple, or enamel gold rings. It does not matter what you prefer; whether simple 18K yellow gold rings, modern style 18K rose gold rings, trio-coloured gold rings of white, rose and yellow, or coloured enamel gold rings, you will find your style and your preferred ring among our gold ring collection.



Gold Earrings


Earrings occupy a special place in the jewellery world, as a pair of gold earrings is enough to give you the look you seek. Therefore, in Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery we ensure to have unique designs of different earring types ranging from the smallest earring type, stud to large hoops.



Gold Bracelets


Gold bracelets have different designs. We have chain bracelets that are very popular, and charm bracelets that are so modern and stylish. Also, there are many gold bracelets that come in layers to be worn all together by laying them. We have coloured enamel gold bracelets that come in amazing and fresh colours such as blue, red, black, green, etc…



Gold Necklaces


The same as bracelets, chains and charms are very common types and preferred. At our online store, you can buy a gold necklace with cute little charms attached to its gold chain. Pendant necklaces are also one of the most desired and highly demanded necklace types.



Enamel Gold Jewellery


In recent years, enamel gold has managed to draw its way into the most desired and sought-after gold jewellery type.


The beautiful colours in enamel gold jewellery and the nature/animal-inspired designs in this type of gold jewellery make them more desirable to buy and have.



Gold Sets


Jewellery sets also are necessary to have and are among the most demanded gold jewellery. For occasions such as weddings, engagements, etc., gold sets will be the best option to wear.


At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have placed wonder gold sets in yellow, rose and white gold. Also, you will find gold sets in 18K & 21K.


If you would like to get a stylish gold set, then check our modern gold sets section. Nevertheless, if you prefer something more classical, then check out our colourful traditional gold sets section.





Under this category, we have collected all the gold jewellery that doesn’t belong to any of the previous categories. Most are the jewellery for hair, and legs such as hairclips, anklets, toe rings, etc.


Why should you consider buying online from our Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store?


Many might ask the following question; why would I risk buying an expensive product, such as gold jewellery online? Well, check the points below to get a suitable answer to your question.


  • Trusted Online Store

Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery is a well-known gold company in the GCC region and we have managed to gain this popularity due to our high-quality jewellery, gold purity, timeless designs, and amazing services among other factors that keep us on top.


Therefore, when you buy a gold bracelet online from our store, you will be guaranteed jewellery that will last forever and in pure real gold.


  • Diverse Collection

If you explore our online gold store, the first thing that will catch your eye is our diverse collection. We have gold jewellery for all tastes. There are simple plain yellow gold rings, 21K enamel gold bracelets, lavish 21K rose gold sets, and much more.


We always try to keep it diverse because we know that our clients have different tastes and needs. As promised, we will always provide what suits all tastes.


  • Easy Shopping Experience

It is no doubt that shopping at any time; anywhere you are is a dream coming true in online stores. You don’t have to go to the physical branch, or you don’t have to buy an air ticket to purchase a pure gold necklace for example. All you have to do is surf our online gold store either on your P.C or from your smartphone.


You can spend as much time as you desire checking every single product without worrying about the traffic, or parking fees.


You can buy timeless gold rings, or bracelets without leaving your home. With a simple click, you choose and pay for your beloved gold jewellery.


  • Worldwide Delivery

After the purchase is completed, you shall expect to receive your gold jewellery on time. It does not matter where you are, we deliver your package to your doorstep or any desired address you provide while ordering.


  • Secure Payment

We constructed our online store well and provided the best ways to protect our clients' personal and financial information. So that our clients will have a perfect shopping experience picking what suits their needs without worrying about their payment.


Also, we have different payment methods to make it easier to complete the purchase process. The clients can pay using their credit/debit cards, bank transfer, wallet, etc.


Gold jewellery is always on top of all other types of jewellery as it can work fine as everyday wear, casual wear, or lavish for special events and occasions. Its lustres will stay forever!


Therefore, start the amazing gold & jewellery shopping experience, right now! Browse our collection and buy fine & elegant gold jewellery.