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Traditional Set studded with diamonds & pearls from Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online gold shop
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Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery has traditional jewellery set with modern styles to match current trends in jewellery. Therefore, you will find a gold set studded with diamonds & pearls and in rose or white gold in addition to the traditional gold colour, yellow.


Buy traditional gold or diamond set for yourself or someone special. Preserve the elegant traditional gold sets in modern styles.



 What Does Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Online Store offer?


What will you find in our online traditional set collection?


  1. Plain Yellow Gold Sets

We have traditional gold sets in 21K yellow gold that are not coloured or studded with any stone. These are the true authentic Emirati traditional gold sets


  1. Gem & Bar Gold Set Collection

This is one of our latest traditional gold set collections that was released in the fall during the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show when we participated as a diamond sponsor.

This collection contains 21K gold studded with 24K bars and various gemstones making this collection unique in everything.

It is a lavish collection that suits well on special occasions.

We have designated a special page for this unique collection. If interested, please click here.


  1. 21K White Gold Sets

We used white gold, which is unusual to traditional gold sets, in our traditional gold sets. Most of our white gold sets collection is studded with gemstones, or coloured with gold enamel.

The white gold traditional set is a stylish design in an authentic style.


  1. Full Set

We have full sets of traditional gold sets that have all the jewellery items in one set, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

  1. Half-Set

Half sets usually have fewer jewellery items than the full set. Our popular half-sets are the bracelet and ring half-sets.


What Makes a Traditional Gold Set Essential?

Traditional gold sets are essential to have and to make a part of your jewellery collection for the below reasons;


  • Saves Effort

Probably one of the most important reasons that drive people to buy a gold set is saving the effort of matching different jewellery types.

  • Unique Mixture

Sometimes gold sets represent jewellery types in a unique way that you have not thought of. 

  • Efficient way

Usually buying four different types of jewellery separately may be more expensive than buying a combination of the same four types in a full set.

  • Perfect Gift

The gold set has always served as the best option for gifts. As it is valuable and contains different jewellery types together.

  • Engagement & Wedding

The gold set is an essential part of engagement and wedding jewellery in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. 

It is a smart way to buy gold jewellery sets, as these will give a complete overall look, and at the same time, can act as a good investment for future needs.

Feel free to browse our various jewellery set options.


What Do You Need to Keep in Mind Before Buying a traditional gold Set?


The Purpose

You need to ask yourself why you need to add a new gold set to your collection. Is it because you like the design and want to add a new set, or is it because you have a special occasion and you would like to look stunning?

If the purpose is to gift a special person, then keep an eye on their style and their preferences before buying your gift to them.


Your Budget

You should check the roof of your purchase limit before heading to buy a gold set. According to your budget, the gold set will be defined.

Usually, traditional gold sets are more expensive than other gold set types, because they come in 21K gold jewellery and usually these are luxurious.


Your Style

It is always advisable never to ignore your taste and style. You can check what makes you feel more yourself and more comfortable.

You should look for what suits and matches your clothes style as well. A gold set should complete your look not contradict it.


The Gold Set Type

Are you looking for a full-gold set or a half-gold set? Do you prefer to get a pendant set? Or do you prefer to customize your gold set?


The Design

The design of the gold set is also important. It is nice to check what is trending as long as it suits you, and buy a new gold set accordingly.

Alternatively, you may look for a design that reveals something about you, such as a charm gold set that has your zodiac sign, your letter or your name.

 Some of our traditional pendant sets include amazing Arabic calligraphy that makes them unique.