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Traditional Necklace

Feel the beauty of old times in traditional necklaces from Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery. Visit our online store to see our exquisite necklace collection
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21K Traditional Gold Necklace
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Necklace
21K Traditional Gold Necklace
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Pendant
21K Traditional Gold Necklace

Whether for yourself to wear on a special occasion or as a gift for someone special, a traditional necklace is a great way to showcase your style. Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery traditional necklaces are one of a kind as we have redesigned the old traditional styles to match the current modern styles.


We have a great collection of 21k gold necklaces and studded necklaces with diamonds, zircons or pearls. The best traditional necklace is a few steps away from you. Browse our online collection of fine traditional necklaces to choose from.


Popular Traditional Necklaces Names

The Emirati traditional jewellery is unique and rich. They have jewellery for every body part from the head to the toe.

What makes Emirati traditional jewellery special, is the way they name them. Each type has a special name, and each design is known with a unique name.

Let us familiarize ourselves with Emirati Traditional Necklaces;


Al Mirya

Al Mirya is a long necklace similar to rope or opera. It comes in different designs such as 

  • Miryat Um Shnaf is a long necklace with beaded pieces like a rosary, and it ends with a crescent-shaped gold piece.
  • Miryat Hab Al Hail
  • Light Mirya or “Daj” contains tiny gold pieces making it a light necklace to wear even for daily wear.



Al Sitmi

It is a long gold necklace that covers the whole chest area. Al Sitmi is studded with stones and decorated with foreign currencies.



Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace or as it is locally known “Al Necklace” name. It is a long necklace of pearl chains that are connected together by gold pieces studded with gemstones.

Sometimes, Al Necklace may be of gold only.



Al Manthora

It is a gold choker with gold leaves as charms. It is also simple and suitable for everyday wear.



Al Tabla

A gold pendant in the shape of a rectangle with a thick red chain. It was essentially used to keep some Quran verses for protection.


In our traditional necklace collection, we have a wide collection of necklaces and pendants. You may ask yourselves right now what we mean by a necklace and a pendant.

Let us see the difference between these two items;



What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant?


Many people can not differentiate between a necklace and a pendant, and they consider both synonyms for the same jewellery item. While in fact, these are totally two different jewellery items.

So what are they?




A necklace is a jewellery article that is used to adorn the neck area. It comes in various lengths, sizes, shapes and designs. Some necklaces though are called pendant necklaces. So, what is a pendant?




A pendant is a small piece that comes down from the necklace. It is a separate item that can be purchased alone and attached to any necklace with a loop.

Pendants usually come in different shapes and they can be a good option to customize your necklace. You can have a pendant of your name, letter, your favourite pet, or your zodiac sign for example.


What Does Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Online Store offer?

Traditional necklaces available in our online store vary in design and cost. Most of our traditional necklaces are of 21K yellow gold, but their design differs.

So, what do we have?

  1. Calligraphy Pendants : Calligraphy pendants have been always popular. They contain Arabic writings such as Quran verses, famous quotes, Arabic poems, and names.
  2.  Gold Enameled Necklaces : We colour our traditional necklaces with enamel to add a modern touch, thus a more stylish look.
  3.  Gold Coins Pendants/Necklaces: Many of our traditional necklaces and pendants are old gold coins, such as old British coins or ottoman coins.
  4.  Studded Necklaces: Some of our traditional necklaces are studded with gemstones in fabulous colours. While others are studded with small gold coins creating a unique design.
  5.  Letter Pendants: We have a wide connection of traditional pendants engraved with alphabet letters. These are great gift options.


Why Should You Consider Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Online Store to Buy From?



  • ** Al Romaizan is a big company in the gold world


While Buying luxury items, such as gold online, you need to be careful and know where to buy gold jewellery. Therefore, always consider big companies and brands.


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery is a well-known name in the jewellery world, and we have been in the business for over six decades.


Therefore, buying from us means buying high-quality jewellery in timeless designs.



  • ** Diversity


Our Jewellery collection is diverse. We provide fine gold, gem, and diamond jewellery in modern, and traditional styles to suit all tastes.


  • ** Safe Payment Options


We ensure to use of the safest payment channels. So, while buying your traditional necklace online with us, you will be guaranteed a 100% safe financial transaction.