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Traditional Ring

Store the beauty of our rich heritage in an elegant traditional gold ring from Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery

Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery traditional rings are one of a kind as we have redesigned the old traditional styles to match the current modern styles.

Buy the revised designs of traditional gold rings to wear on a special occasion. You can check our traditional gold ring collection which is available in 21k gold and buy a traditional gold ring studded with diamonds or zircons.


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Traditional Ring Collection


Our traditional ring collection is diverse and colourful. We have amazing designs for our traditional rings that stand out from the crowd.

So, what do we have in our traditional ring collection?

  1. Yellow Gold Rings

Our traditional rings collection comes only in yellow gold.

  1. 21K Gold

Our traditional rings collection comes in 21K gold. Thus, the traditional rings are usually lavish and suitable for special events.

  1. Engraved with Gold Pieces

Our traditional gold rings are engraved with gold to form amazing shapes such as geometrical shapes, moon, stars, flowers and leaves.


  1. Engraved with Gold Letters

Many of our traditional gold rings have Arabic writings engraved on them. These can be letters, famous phrases, Quran verses etc.


  1. Studded with Gemstone

Also, we have traditional gold rings studded with different gemstones such as zircon, dragon,  and onyx.


  1. Decorated with Special Gold pieces

You can find here also traditional gold rings decorated with various gold pieces, such as coins, ancient kings’ stamps, or simply gold coins.


  1. Coloured with Gold Enamel

Our traditional gold rings have amazing designs that contain parts coloured with enamel gold.



Why should you buy a traditional ring from Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store?


  • Diverse Collection


Al Romaizan's gold ring collection is diverse and fits all styles, tastes, budgets and purposes. We have simple rings for everyday wear as well as lavish rings that can be worn on special occasions.

For nature lovers, we have amazing nature imitation ring designs. The same applies to animal or art lovers who can find plenty of ring options to choose from.


  • Unique Designs

You will be blessed with unique and timeless ring designs at our online store. Buying a gold ring from our store assuring standing out of the crowd.



  • A well-Known Brand

Buying a gold ring from Al Romaizan means buying from one of the best gold companies in the Arabian Gulf region. There is a reason to hold such a position in the region!

We are experts in the gold & Jewellery field, and we have been in the business for over six decades. We know what our clients need, and we always exceed their expectations.


  • Exciting Shopping experience



Online shopping at our online store is easy and exciting. You buy it for yourself, or you can prepare beautiful wrapping for your gift. It is fast, easy and trusted.


  • Trusted Online Payment Methods

Because we place our client's interest ahead of anything else, we ensure using the highest leading encrypting technology to smooth the payment in a safe way.



What Type of Rings Do We Provide in Our Online Store?

Our ring collection is wide and diverse, we provide rings in different colours and designs. Let’s have a look at our wide ring collection.

In terms of colour;

There are different types of coloured gold rings;


  • Yellow Gold Rings


At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have 18K yellow gold rings and 21K yellow gold rings. The yellow hue is the natural hue of gold, but the difference between 18K & 21K is the concentration of pure gold in the gold alloy. For example, a 21K traditional gold ring consists of 87.5% pure gold, whereas an 18 gold ring has 75% pure gold.


  • White Gold Rings


The white gold rings are made of a gold alloy where 87.5% of the alloy is pure gold, but the concentration of palladium or silver in the remaining 12.5% is more, so a stunning white, sometimes greyish hue is created. The white gold rings at Al Romaizan have unique looks, and they look fantastic with diamonds.


  • Rose Gold Rings



We have various ring collections in Rose gold. With the same concept of white gold. In the gold alloy of 18K, 75% is pure gold. Whereas the remaining 25% has a high copper concentration, creating an opaque red hue. Sometimes, the colour is more pinkish, or it may resemble a lighter colour of cooper. The rose gold rings are elegant, and they can also be versatile.


  • Enamelled Gold Rings


We have colourful rings that are coloured using the enamel colouring technique. By using the enamel colouring technique, amazing hues are created, such as green, blue, black, etc…

So, you may have a unique cocktail ring in blue & black for example.


  • Mix Gold Rings


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery's online gold ring collection also has mixed rings. For example, you may buy an engagement ring in three gold colours. Or a gold ring studded with coloured stones.

You don’t have to be stuck with only one colour-ring concept, as you may try having a trio-gold ring where the three main gold colours coexist in harmony.


In terms of style;


  1. Modern Style Rings

Modern style rings collection includes all the different gold colours. In this collection, you will find lavish, luxurious or simple designs that suit everyday wear.

Under this category, we can buy your engagement and wedding rings.

Modern rings come in two gold karats, 21K & 18K.


  1. Traditional Style Rings


Traditional rings are usually lavish and suit special events. They come in 21K gold karats only.

Traditional rings can be studded with gemstones and gold coins.


In terms of design

  1. Simple plain gold rings

These are rings in a plain design without any decorations. 

  1. Gemstone Studded gold rings

We have a lot of this type. Our rings are usually studded with zircon, diamond, ruby, and onyx among many other gemstones.

  1. Engraved Gold Rings

This type of design might be found in our traditional ring collection more than modern collection. The ring will be engraved beautifully in gold to form different shapes.