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Going As A Guest for Summer Weddings And Confused About Your Jewellery?

Not sure what perfect jewellery to wear as a summer wedding guest? Worry no more. Just brush up on your wedding guest jewellery etiquette and find an excellent jeweller.

Who doesn’t love summer weddings? They typically reign from May to October. So, if you get a summer wedding guest invite, you must be super-jazzed to go. But now comes the tricky part; how not to upset any other guest or the bride with your dress or jewellery selection and still come on top? Yes, you read it right. There are ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of wedding guest jewellery etiquette. You can easily make a big statement by wearing prominent jewellery items that may even overshadow the bride’s ornaments. This would be a major fashion faux pax for you as an ideal wedding guest. You can’t spoil or upstage a bride’s big day by wearing jewellery more stately than her.

What to do? How to proceed without blundering? Al Romaizan Gold and jewellery offer various heavy and light-weight gold and diamond items. You can browse their subtle and delicate ornaments to select an item that matches the theme or background of your intended summer wedding function. Keep in mind these points while shopping for jewellery;


1.   Go For A Subtle Look


You should not take a great risk by trying out a brand-new style or heap up all the bracelets you own as a summer wedding guest. Think of a subtle, decent and sophisticated look. You may choose smaller, delicate pieces that highlight your outfit. The key is looking your best without looking flashy and drawing unnecessary attention. Remember, wedding guest jewellery should not make so much noise that it annoys others, like wearing clinking bangles. Less is always better!



2.   Stay simple


Going for a simple jewellery option works best as a summer wedding guest. For example, if you are wearing big loophole earrings, pair them with a simple, delicate chain. This way, you should be conscious of the pieces you assemble to complement your outfit. Be modest regarding your jewellery and outfit compared to the bride’s party if you are just an attending guest. Here, Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery provide a vast collection of delicately designed masterpieces, available in unique shapes, whether bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings.



3.   Match Jewellery With the Summer Wedding Theme


A summer wedding theme counts when deciding what kind of jewellery to wear as a summer guest. A formal wedding requires wearing formal jewellery like understated gold or diamond pieces. Be careful; these don’t overshadow the jewellery worn by the bride or her party. Similarly, a wedding requires you to wear classy yet fun jewellery like decent bracelets or necklaces, something casual yet eye-catching. If the wedding has a South Asian theme, lightly wear gold jewellery. You shouldn’t wear enough gold that you get compared to a bride or her close relative by mistake if you are only a simple guest.


4.   Wear Glittering Jewellery, Not Tarnished


Who goes to a summer wedding wearing rusted or blackened jewellery? You don’t want to look weird wearing such jewellery as a guest. The trick is to get your old or existing jewellery items polished by a reliable and expert jeweller. Or you may shop for new affordable ornaments from an excellent jeweller like Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery. Don’t stand out by wearing rusted or tarnished gold or metallic jewellery items. A little pre-planning before the summer wedding goes a long way.


5.   Wear Comfortable Jewellery


Go for an ornament you feel easy wearing as a summer wedding guest. Too many bracelets may chafe your wrist if you are profusely sweating. Even a heavy necklace or choker may feel suffocating during the peak of summer in some parts of the world. For example, if you are attending an open-air wedding. Here, indoor air conditioners are not sometimes present to tone down the temperature or humidity. Wear comfortable jewellery to a summer wedding for an enjoyable experience.



In Conclusion


If you are confused about what jewellery to wear as a summer wedding dress, know the wedding theme beforehand. Furthermore, keep your ornament options to a minimum to not upstage a bride or her close relatives. Wear jewellery that complements your outfit, is subtle and easy to carry. Here, Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery offer you the best jewellery collection with over 6 decades of experience in design and creativity. You can find highly delicate jewellery pieces here, made with premium craftsmanship and ingenuity.


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