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Store the beauty of our rich heritage in an elegant traditional gold others.

We Dazzle As Heaven

Unique luxury pieces especially for gold lovers who dream to get a bale presence and make it different and unforgettable. You can find here the unique traditional piece you ever dreamed of.


Golden eagle

We deeply know how eagle status means in every house. We design a statue for the flying eagle, with accurate details for eagle`s wings that point to the sky as a strong symbol of freedom. The detail of every feather and paw reflect how you invade your special place of world to gain your freedom and powers. This piece will grab every visitor` attention. Check it on our website.


Qur`an golden box

We focus on every detail of your life. Just as we gave you luxury in your appearance, we also give you moral luxury in preserving everything related to your spirituality. A box for memorizing the Holy Qur’an made of pure 21K gold, to be a sign from you to honor your spiritual meanings and a luxurious decoration to be added to your home decor.


Golden head cover and crown

Our unique head crown designs are filled with luxury and meticulous details to give you a royal look that you deserve. The pieces are made of 21K gold and designed with all craftsmanship to make your look more luxurious. They are studded with colored stones and long golden charms that flow elegantly over your hair, making your look unique and difficult to replicate.


Golden belts

Gorgeous traditional belts made of 21K gold. We designed these masterpieces to give you a special look on your exceptional occasion. We designed it with all attractiveness so that you can enjoy the purity and luxury of 21K gold. We cannot ignore the traditional symbolism of the belt to express your pride in the nobility and luxury of Arab heritage, and by wearing these pieces you combine tradition with modernity with elegance and add an unforgettable touch to all your moments.


Golden dresses

Timeless and unique appeal in the form of a gold dress. A traditional design made of 21K gold. It is distinguished by its design as a dress decorated with luxurious necklaces and belt, or a multi-layered necklace decorated with golden charms to flow over your dress with elegance and shine your look. Each piece is studded with attractive, colorful gemstones. Having these pieces means that natural quality is unparalleled. Do not hesitate to explore our collection, a heavenly celebration of beauty and craftsmanship so you can shine with all your grace.


Korsy Jabber

The marvel piece in our collection is the luxurious “Korsy Jaber” collection. A traditional set that only reflects the extent of your luxury and the luxury of your look. All sets contain a long multi-layered necklace that fills your dress with radiance, a choker necklace, a belt immersed in all the details that highlight the beauty of your waist, a ring, a pair of earrings and all of them. Decorated with small gold charms and large pendants in the shape of circles studded with colored gemstones and blue enamel to give you unparalleled luxury, make your presence a difference in every moment and try one of our collections.


Zena W Khazena

A unique collection that reflects the splendor of design with the creativity of the investment idea. The “Zena W Khazena” set is aptly named. Each piece of art combines luxury and investment. Its design gives you the radiance of shiny gold with a touch of luxury. The set comes in the form of a charming belt decorated with amazing charms, a long necklace decorated with gold charms, an elegant choker necklace, a bracelet, and wonderful earrings. The surprising thing is that all of these pieces contain 24 and 21K gold alloys, which makes it a real investment for your money, and at the same time a luxurious look. Explore the entire collection and invade a new level of jewels.


Traditional rings

Our philosophy is to deviate from the ordinary, we have added a unique touch to the design of rings. We designed for you a unique ring in a horizontal shape that covers your four fingers, or a vertical design that covers your finger if you prefer to stack it with another ring. We promise you to grab everyone's attention with just one ring, studded with colorful stones and a comfortable size to suit everyone. Explore our collection and choose what you prefer.


What makes you trust Al Romaizan Gold and Jewelry online store?

Well-known brand

Al Romaizan Gold and Jewelry Company has been operating in the gold industry since 1953. Over all these years, we have witnessed one success after another due to our dedication to providing the best quality to our customers. We also guarantee you the best quality, unique designs and excellent after sale services. This is what helped us gain the trust of all our customers who always love gold and jewelry.


We started from the city of Riyadh until we reached Dubai, Oman and Qatar with unique and timeless designs.

Thanks to our philosophy of committing to excellence in every piece we give to our customers, Al Romaizan has become trusted by gold lovers throughout the Gulf countries, and we are not limited to that only, but we also provide our services through the website for European countries and we appreciate customers’ opinions and gain their trust.


Professional jewelry designers

We have the best and most famous jewelry designers in our company, and each designer presents each piece with a spirit of adventure and love so that customers are attached to every piece and it becomes a beautiful memory in their life that they cannot forget.




Customized jewelries designs

You may lose a precious piece, or want to present a piece with deep meaning and a unique message to your loved one, so our designers devote all their efforts to understanding all your requirements in all its details to turn your imaginative vision into reality in your hands and make it an unforgettable piece for you and those who you love.


Online gold shopping with safety

At Al Romaizan online store, we guarantee you a safe and unique shopping experience. We use reliable payment methods to secure our customers' financial information. So you can buy whatever you want knowing that your personal and financial information is safe.


Diversity of jewelries

We take away the burden of going to the market and searching for the piece that suits you. You can visit our online store and browse more than 5,000 pieces, and if you do not find what you want, request the design you prefer, and we will implement your desires and deliver them to your door with all speed and love.


Competitive prices

Our store has a feature that you will not easily find on any other website. Our products are priced at the daily price of gold. Buying from our website means purchasing from the gold souq without any additional effort. Our customer service will help you answer all your inquiries so that you feel comfortable and safe.


Ongoing offers

Because we believe that jewelry has value in people's hearts and preserves their best memories, we always offer special offers on every special day and occasion. Follow our website to learn more about our best and latest promotions.