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Our traditional jewellery takes us back to an unforgettable time where our heritage is still alive.
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Al Romaizan traditional jewellery is a collection of traditional jewellery items that have been transferred from one generation to another. Therefore, they hold great memories and the essence of the past.


Traditional jewellery includes various jewellery for not only the ears, neckline, wrist and finger, but it covers almost all body parts. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, hair jewellery, hair clips, earrings, and belts.


We have our unique touch on traditional jewellery to modernise it. Check out our traditional jewellery collection to buy gold jewellery for you or your beloved person.


Our online store has a diverse collection of beautiful traditional collections available at reasonable prices. So, feel free to browse and buy what suits you. However, let us clarify what we mean about traditional gold jewellery.


What is Traditional Jewellery?


Traditional jewellery is a style of jewellery that managed to survive time and evolved to cope with the current trends. It is the jewellery that is passed from one generation to another either as the actual item or as the design.


It is rare to find a region without its own traditional jewellery, but of course, it differs from one place to another. For example, traditional jewellery in the Arabian Gulf Countries continues to be popular and has its presence on special occasions.


For this reason, Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery makes sure to keep traditional jewellery up to date with recent trends and change in general tastes. Therefore, our traditional jewellery is designed uniquely to keep the best of our heritage alive in modern styles. This makes it always in high demand.


In the UAE, traditional jewellery was usually of gold and pearls. Pearls lost their influence after the Japanese pearl came out, but gold remained the main material to be used in jewellery. Gemstones or diamonds were rarely used in the original pieces. However, we have introduced these metals and materials to be part of traditional jewellery in a way to make them unique and modern at the same time.


The Most Popular Emirati Traditional Jewellery Items;


Emirati women adore elegant & stylish looks and at the same time, they are so attached to their traditions and heritage. Therefore, on special occasions, Emirati traditional jewellery is the main theme in the occasion. 


There are many types of Emirati traditional jewellery that adorn different parts of the body from the head to the toes;


  • Al Fatkh: a toe ring
  • Multafit: a long rectangle-shape bracelet
  • Marami: rings similar to wedding bands, but wider.
  • Al Shnaf: a semi-circle-shaped pendant usually worn with Al Mirya.


The situation of Saudi traditional jewellery and the rest of other Arabian Gulf countries does not differ from Emirati traditional jewellery. Yet, Saudi traditional jewellery is very diverse due to the fact that Saudi Arabia lies in a vast land. Therefore, Saudi Traditional jewellery is very diverse. 


Some of the Saudi Jewellery is as Below:


  • Al Shamsa: gold jewellery for the forehead studded with turquoise. It is traditional jewellery from the central district.
  • Jdeil belt or Matmouse: A belt around the waist studded with silver. This type of jewellery is from the eastern district.
  • Hijool: this is similar to anklets but thicker. Sometimes women used to wear two on each ankle.
  • Banager: They are silver or gold bracelets or more like bangles but thinner.



Why is it Advisable to choose Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery to buy your traditional jewellery from?


When it comes to buying jewellery, one should be so cautious about where to buy their jewellery. Due to being expensive items to buy compared to other items we buy, and the fact that jewellery should add to the overall look and enhance it, it is essential to make sure to choose the right gold jewellery shop. 


As for the criteria you need to focus on while choosing your gold shop, please check out the below point



  • Go always with the reputable gold shop


Check the best & the most reputable gold shop in the area. Always do good research before starting your shopping. 


As for Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, we have a great reputation that precedes our name. We succeeded in creating this image by building a trust bond with our clients and maintaining it.


  • Check the quality of the work


You may buy gold jewellery, but it is rare to buy timeless designs. At Al Romaizan Gold & jewellery designers who starve for creativity. They create one-of-the-kind designs to make you feel unique and special.

Our traditional jewellery is our signature. It is unique because it speaks of the best old times in modern vibes.


  • Look for the price


At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery you will find fine jewellery at reasonable prices. At the same time, we make great offers and discounts during holidays or special occasions.

Therefore, you have a great chance to buy a lavish diamond necklace for your next special event at discounted price while shopping at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery.


What is so special about Al Romaizan's traditional jewellery?


Preserve the Essence of the Past in Uniquely Modernized Pieces.

At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, our designers ensure to keep the original touch of ancient traditional jewellery alive in the new jewellery we design.

Wearing traditional earrings will make you feel like travelling back in time to re-live the best moments. However, this does not prevent our designers from being creative and stylish. We have added our unique touches that add today’s stamp on our traditional jewellery. For example, rubies and diamonds are used to embellish traditional necklaces or bracelets.


If you would like to look special, and elegant and stand out from the crowd in Ramadan Family gatherings, Eids or weddings, buy traditional gold jewellery studded beautifully with gemstones.