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Gem Earring

A gem Earring is an essential jewellery item for many women throughout history. Jewellery lovers believe that an outfit is incomplete without a pair of pearl or diamond earrings. To find elegant, fine and unique gem earrings online, browse Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store
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At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store has different gem earrings types. There are studs, Huggies, threaders, hoops embellished with diamonds, zircon or pearl. Each type suits certain occasions, purposes, and tastes.


For a normal day at the office, stud earrings with small stones may be the best option. A long pearl threader earring may go well for a unique, stylish look to attend an evening gathering.


If you want to look elegant, stylish and special, check out our gem earrings collection to buy an elegant pair to stand out from the crowd. At Al Romaizan online store, you will find gem earrings in different colours, carats, sizes, and designs. Feel free to browse our earrings collection to buy the gem earrings you are looking for.


What are the most popular earring types?


Earrings come in different styles and sizes making them available for all occasions, purposes and tastes. There are many different designs for earrings and there are different ways to categorise earrings. For example, earrings differ according to their materials, how they are worn and the designs.

Here, we will talk about gem earrings only, and their popular designs. 

Here are the most popular earring types;


Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have circular or semi-circular shapes. They come in various sizes ranging from very large to small.


Huggie Earrings


Huggie earrings are types of hoops but very small that they actually hug the ear. These can be elegant and suit a special occasion.


Chandelier Earrings


Chandelier earrings are a type of dangling earrings that are stuck on the ear either by stud, hook or clip-on earrings, and they dangle down to form a beautiful shape resembling a lovely ornate chandelier.


Stud Earrings

Probably these are the most common especially for kids. Parents feel these are the safest type for a baby girl to adorn her ears with.


Stud earrings are usually small in size and they sit on the earlobe without dangling, looping or climbing around the ear. 


Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are earrings that hang below the ear lobe, but they don’t move when you move your head. They are standing still.


How to choose the best gemstone earrings for you?


Gemstone earrings are elegant, stylish and unique to have. Choosing which earrings to buy might be overwhelming to some. However, it is not hard to do. Below are a few tips to ease your gemstone shopping.


Pick the Gemstone

The uniqueness of these earrings depends on the design and at the same time the gemstone used. So, you may familiarise yourself with the gemstone first and then pick your best earrings.


For example, you may check your birthstone and buy stud earrings embellished with pearls if you are a June person or Citrine if you are a November person.


We discussed in more detail the birthstones, so if you are interested in the topic, please click here.


Also, you may pick your favourite season gemstone. For example for spring lovers, you may pick chandelier earrings studded with aquamarine, diamond, morganite, peridot or emerald.


Pick the Style

Would rather wear gemstone earrings in a classical style or modern. If you are into sticking to one style and you don’t like to mix, then you need to filter your earrings to buy accordingly.


Check the Design and the Occasion


You may have earrings with a simple design if you will use them every day, but if you want to buy earrings for special occasions, then you need to look for more lavish designs.


Your Face Shape & the Earring Types

Matching your face shape with the earring design or shape is very important. Because if you picked the wrong earrings you may end up showing your facial flaws more. 

We spoke in more detail about face shape and earrings in one of our articles. To know more, please click here.


Check the Current Trends

You can keep up with the latest earring trends if you would like to be always stylish. You may follow popular models, singers or any celebrities’ social accounts to see what is trending in jewellery.


Or you may follow the largest well-known jewellery companies to keep up with their latest earring collections. 


The best way to come across the latest earring designs is actually through gold & jewellery exhibitions. So, you can schedule a visit to a famous jewellery exhibition in your area to explore what is new in the world of jewellery.


In the GCC region, for example, the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show is one of the largest jewellery shows. It takes place twice a year at Sharjah Expo, in spring and fall. This will be your great chance to familiarise yourself with stylish and trending earring designs.


Pick the Correct Time to Buy

Knowing when to buy earrings is very important. We, at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, have great offers and discounts during public holidays, religious events, and any other special occasions such as mother’s day, valentine’s day, women’s day, etc.


To know our special offers, visit our offer page.


In case you are looking to buy a pair of earrings as a gift, not yourself. Then the best advice to give you is to check the top-selling list.


The top-selling gemstone earrings are for sure unique; else, they will not be in high demand.


Earrings are jewellery items that are necessary to have. They have beautiful charms that add an aesthetic and elegant effect to your overall look.


Browse our gemstone earrings to buy amazing earrings in timeless designs.