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Why Married People Write Their Names Inside Their Marriage Rings?

Ever wondered why married people write their names inside their marriage rings? Know the reasons and get yourself engraved wedding bands when the time comes.

Marriage is a sacred ceremony, a life-long binding of oaths and two lives. Many little things add a touch of magic to this profound function, such as wearing rings and specially engraved ones. Many couples prefer engraved wedding bands for a personalised approach, while others prefer not. Engravings are typically used to make the special wedding rings even more intimate and unique. Furthermore, they can convey many emotions with only a few engraved words. No wonder married people mostly opt to have their rings marked somehow. It takes your special ceremony to a new level of shared emotion and intimacy.

In most cases, the couples write each other’s names or the initials of their names on the inside of their wedding rings. The essential factor is to go to an experienced jeweller who can engrave customised marriage rings to your satisfaction. Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery are the true experts in designing engraved wedding rings and other jewellery items.



1. Share Something Special


What can be more emotional than a wedding? Wedding ring engravings help in expressing your deep sentiments, allowing you to share something special with your significant other. You can even hide your engraving from the world by keeping it a secret as a couple, or you may share. The choice is up to you. Most people use their spouse’s name or initials for engraved messages inside the bands.


2. A Symbol of Belonging


When married people get their initials or names engraved inside their marriage rings, they truly belong to each other. It is not just a pleasant reminder to each other of their good fortune to be married to their loved ones but also to the world. Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery make your dream of having unique engraved wedding bands come true with their perfect jewellery.


3. A Lasting Gesture


Married people used engravings inside their rings to make them more personal and symbolic. Adding the actual name makes such wedding bands more significant. These engravings are generally quite affordable, especially when you compare them to the overall price of the ring. While temporary love tokens and gestures fade with time, engraved marriage rings, in comparison, make for a lasting gesture of romance and mutual promise.


4. A Symbol of Unity


Couples symbolise their union by wearing engraved wedding rings because such pieces serve as a physical representation of two people’s desire to be united as one forever. Adding personal names further cements their mutual commitment to each other to stay true together for a lifetime. Therefore, engraving wedding rings is a great way to incorporate a symbol of unity into such a precious and sentimental piece of jewellery.


5. Indicator of A Deep Connection


Many couples decide to buy engraved wedding rings as they feel a deep connection to each other when wearing them. This is because the rings constantly remind them of the promise they made as they exchanged rings during their wedding vows. Indeed, when your spouse wears a personalised wedding ring, they will be reminded of your shared special bond and love for each other whenever they look down at their hand.


6. A Part of History


Ancient history prompted couples to wear an engraved “marriage ring” on their fourth finger. In those times, a wedding ring was worn on the fourth finger, thinking this particular finger was connected to a vein that went directly to the heart. Thus, it was dubbed “the vein of love.” Now science tells us love doesn’t physically come from the heart. Still, the fourth finger of the left hand is quite popular as the ring finger among couples. So, when you wear engraved marriage rings on your fourth finger, you become a part of history, and these show your love symbol to each other.


Note About Engraved Marriage Rings


Remember, not all rings can be engraved. Some factors matter when deciding whether an engraving can be done on a marriage ring. Bandwidth is one such element. The band must have a minimum width of 3 mm to allow room for a precise and easily-read ring engraving. Jewellers typically prefer wider ring bands of 4 to 6 mm. The inner side of the band should also be smooth and clear for adding name engravings. The best material for engraving is generally gold, as it is a reasonably soft metal. But modern technology now has made engravings possible on other metals too. Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery are an excellent jeweller option to shed those engraved wedding ring worries.


Wrapping Up


Selecting the best jeweller can get you the best customised engraved marriage rings made perfectly according to your desires. Get your couple’s names or initials beautifully engraved without any care with Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery as your wedding jewellers. They offer a wide range of diamonds, gold and other metals as the base for your special wedding bands. Their level of craftsmanship and intricate design will leave you mesmerised and fully sati

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