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Onyx Stone in Women's Jewellery: Its Beauty

Do you want to know the exciting details about the Onyx gemstone? Curious to know the reason behind its popularity in Women's jewellery? Learn more here.

Would you like to experience a unique and attractive collection of women's jewellery?

Looking for a way to explore the beauty and power of Onyx gemstones?

In addition to its timeless elegance, onyx has a long history of healing and protection properties.

Throughout this article, we will discover what Onyx gemstones, their properties, and what are the reasons behind their popularity are.

Let's get straight into it!

Onyx Women's Jewellery: 5 Fascinating Details You Should Know!

Jewellery is one of the most common ways for women to enhance their looks, status, and beauty.

And Onyx jewellery has no exception!

Without further ado, look at some interesting details about Onyx gemstone.

1.   Natural Property for Onyx Gemstone

The name 'Onyx' was primarily derived from the Greek word 'nail' or 'claw.' It is a variety of chalcedony - a mixture of morganite and quartz.

Usually, the Onxy stones are commonly found in white or black colours, but some rare specimens are available for this gemstone, including shades of blue, yellow, red, and brown.

2.   Onyx Gemstones: Their occurrences

Onyx stones are generally found in different parts of the world for centuries. Currently, the stone is found in Latin America, Pakistan, India, Canada, Brazil, the United States, Australia, Germany, Uruguay, China, and Yemen.

3.   Onyx Gemstones Mythology

As per the Greek origins, it is believed that Cupid shot his mother from one of his love arrows that cut her through her fingernails.

These stones fell from Mount Olympus to the River Indus and became the sacred stones we now know as Onyx gemstones.

These stones have been used in complex stone carvings, engravings, and jewellery makings for years. Beads are the most common form of their use.

Additionally, the stone is believed to absorb negative energy. It is said that the more it absorbs the negative energy, more it becomes darker.

4.   Onyx Jewellery and Ancient Beliefs

The ancient Romans believe considered Onyx jewellery to be their lucky charm. They thought wearing these pieces to the War would bring them courage and power.

Furthermore, ancient Persia used Onyx jewellery to treat epilepsy, and ancient China regarded Onyx as having the power to provide safety, stamina, and determination.

Traditionally, Onyx was believed to enhance the wearer's elegance, so people prefer to wear it all the time.

5.   Healing Energy of Onyx Jewelers

Many think Onyx jewelers can give them the strength and courage to pass their lives in lonely and darker phases.

It is because people believe that Onyx jewellery has some protective abilities.

Further, Onyx jewellery has been used for many years to remedy physical and mental traumas. It offers self-control and stability in life.

Onyx is believed to promote peace of mind, improve memory, and reduce stress levels primarily.

Onyx Jewellery Tips: 3 Tips to Get You Started!

Though Onyx jewellery is rare, it is more affordable than silver and gold jewellery. Women and men prefer wearing Onyx rings, pendants, and bracelets.

The following tips will help you find the right Onyx jewellery for your wardrobe.

Tip 1: Get the Matching Onyx Jewellery

Onyx jewellery is usually worn on different occasions, whether casual or formal. You can pick the jewellery piece depending on your mood and plan.

Onyx was only cast in silver and gold jewellery in the past years. But with the increase in its popularity, it has also been widely used in diamond jewellery.

Tip 2: Pick the Preferred Jewellery Accessory

Like clothes, people prefer particular jewellery accessories as per their taste and mood. For example, some people prefer earrings only, while others prefer a ring and a bold necklace.

To that end, you can get personalized Oynx jewellery as per your taste and mood. Alternatively, you can get customized Onyx jewellery to gift someone special on special occasions.

Tip 3: Get from the Right Place

While many sellers sell dyed Onyx gemstones at cheap rates, finding the real ones is challenging.

Therefore, always buy the Onyx gemstone from trusted and reliable ones like Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers. With over a decade of experience in the gold industry, they know the needs and preferences of their clients.

Closing Words

There are many different stories associated with the Onyx gemstones. Many people prefer Onyx jewellery based on its history, and some prefer to wear it due to its attractive appearance.

Whether you believe in the Onyx's history or not, you can not deny that it is a powerful gemstone capable of grabbing attention in a hall full of people.

In all honesty, Onyx is one of the rarest gemstones on earth, which makes it stand out from many others in its class.





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