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New Trends in Engagement Rings

The last years witnessed new trends in the gold engagement rings. Adding an individual touch is dominant this year.

This year's engagement rings' trends are unique and have an individual touch. There are many factors that affected recent years' style due to the pandemic. Witnessing many restrictions and regulations such as lockdown, social distance, etc., drove people to think and plan differently for their engagement rings. Here are a few trends for this year;

Classic Solitaire Ring Style

Many couples choose the safe way. Since it was not easy to visit physical gold shops, many depended on virtual and online stores. As a result, going classic was the best option that continued to be popular even after the lockdown.

It is important to point out here that Solitaire rings are always trending with their versatile style that goes with different types of wedding bands and other types of rings.


Three-Stone Ring Style

It is another classic style that is almost never out of style. Yet in this year, it witnessed a huge demand for this type, with a little bit of individuality touch. Some may come with the birthstone of the bride or her favourite gemstone. A new design of the 3-stone-ring is the "halo three stone ring", where small stones will surround either the central stone or the three stones.

What makes this ring style popular, aside from its beautiful design and versatility, is its symbolism. The "trio" or "Trinity" ring, as sometimes referred to, has three stones as a reflection of the past, present and future of the wearer, the bride in this case, and the relationship.


Yellow gold ring

Yellow gold has been back in the picture in the last two years in almost all types of jewellery. For example, engagement rings this year are in 18K yellow gold, either plain or with stone. Yellow gold rings are the standard classical type of engagement rings, and they go well with all gemstone colours, and it is the perfect companion to diamonds.


Vintage-inspired ring

Edwardian-era vintage and vintage-inspired ring designs are strongly back this year. Vintage rings are sophisticated and elegant, which makes them timeless designs. Even though this type was considered outdated for a period of time, it will always manage its way back to fashion due to its uniqueness.


Unique halo ring

The Halo ring style is so unique and beautiful. The scattered small shiny stones around the central diamond on the engagement ring add more sparkle, more size and statement. This year witnessed coloured stones used in this design.

Due to the unordinary situation we faced the last two years, the engagement rings designs witnessed incredible unique styles. As people long for past days, a wave back to the past was dominant in the ring styles. Also, online purchasing gives room for more individuality and personality to appear in the design. People requested customized designs that reveal their personality traits to stand out in our isolation during the lockdown.

All these reasons resulted in variety, uniqueness, and stylish engagement rings. You may check out our ring collection to pick your favourite.

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