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Necklace Style Guide

If you are interested in knowing more about gold necklace types, keep reading this article.

If you are considering your next jewellery purchase and a style of necklace that will work well for your fashions, you need to start thinking closely about the types of necklaces available to you. In this guide to necklace styles, we are going through a wide range of necklaces that you can then ask for by name to compliment your favourite outfits.  


Here are some of the top necklace styles that we can deliver in 18K gold and more: 


Collar necklaces: 

Collar style necklaces will sit along the neck bone and usually right against your throat. These are the types of necklaces that measure around 12” to 14”, and they have a very strong way that can shape the look of your fashions. The prestigious gold shops will have a wide range of collar necklaces that complement your look with an understated tone. These are the perfect necklaces that can help you with layering and completing looks in many formal items.  



The princess style of necklace is another excellent tool for layering. These styles of collar necklaces sit below the neck bone and offer the perfect chance to compliment your look using longer dangling pendants and more. Princess style cuts are perfect for evening gowns and for looks that are made to be more formal. With a necklace that hits below the neck bone, this is as close as you can get to a necklace that sits close to the bust line.  



A choker style necklace sits along the base of the neck on the neck bone. These are necklaces that are 14” to 16” in length and they can be designed as a standard gold shop piece. These items are very common for a more casual look and for building layers in your fashions.  



A matinee style of necklace sits at 20”-25”, and it falls below the collarbone towards the bust. Necklaces of this type are an essential piece to mid layering and for building a perfect look for going out or creating focal points within your outfit. Matinee necklaces are a very popular type of chain necklace from our gold shop.  



For the best in evening wear styles, the opera style necklace is a popular choice. These are necklaces at 26”-36” and with a style that hangs just below the bust. You can use this as a secondary necklace in layering or as a single strand. The unique part about many 18K opera style necklaces is that you will also be able to include a knot style of necklaces to shorten it up.  



The rope necklace is the longest of the necklaces that you can choose. You can unwrap or tie these necklaces at over 37” to create a look that will fall below the navel and offer the perfect support for your outfit.  


If you are interested in learning more about necklace styles, or buy one, check out our necklace collection at our online store. 

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