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Monaco Chains Design at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery!

Considering what type of jewellery to wear that looks beautiful and trendy simultaneously? Go for a Monaco chain design and some stylish additions to the final piece.

Thinking of buying a gold necklace for a formal event or just some casual meet and greet? When you research the options available, the gold necklace varieties are immense. It is pretty mind-boggling. The key is to decide beforehand on the basic features you wish your necklace to have, such as its length, karat choice, style, etc. Chains are a rage nowadays. Add a bit of lovely stone to a gold chain, and you get a masterpiece. Something others can't get their eyes off. Generally, gold chains are available in three forms:

1.     Solid

2.     Plated

3.     Hollow


Here, we will talk about the best-selling and highly trending 'Monaco chain design' that falls under the 3rd category of hollow gold chains. Let's see what these sought-after gold jewellery Monaco chain designs are and if the hype is worth it.


What is a Monaco Chain?


Chains are quite fashionably worn by both men and women equally in many countries. Though ladies typically tend to wear gold jewellery more. You might have already heard of a Miami Cuban Link chain. A Monaco chain is a changed version of the Cuban chain and is of excellent quality. Monaco chains are a good investment if you are looking for an elegant look, incredible durability and the perfect lustrous gold chain.

The Monaco Chain is the hollow version of the Cuban chain. It is about 75% lighter than the solid Miami Cuban Link Chain. Still, it is a highly durable chain, suitable for those who do not want to spend much money, as Monaco chains cost less than Cuban chains.


What Sound Does a Monaco Chain Make?


Being a hollow chain, you might wonder what kind of sound a Monaco chain may make. A hollow chain will never have the same full sound as a solid chain, but technology has bridged this gap. With superb technology and perfect design, the hollow sound of a Monaco chain has been minimized to a minimum, with a fuller sound than any other hollow chain.


The Difference Between Monaco Chain and Similar-looking Miami Cuban Link Chain


Although Monaco chains might look similar to Miami Cuban Link chains, they are two different items. It is essential to note the difference to easily distinguish the classic salient features while buying the desired finer Monaco chains.


1.     Weight


Monaco chains are the perfect gold jewellery as they are considerably lighter and machine-made than the handmade heavier Cuban chains.


2.     Link Type


Observing the link type can help you readily identify a genuine Monaco chain from other gold chains. Monaco chains are made up of individual links twisted together. In contrast, Miami Cuban link chains comprise a series of interlocking loops. This gives each chain a peculiar, unique appearance.


3.     Size


The overall size of a Monaco chain is a straight giveaway as to its identity. Because Monaco chains tend to be more delicate and thinner than the thicker and more substantial Miami Cuban Link chains.


4.     Clasp Style


Monaco chains usually have a lobster claw clasp, while Miami Cuban link chains have a push-pull clasp.


5.     Usage


Being finer in style, Monaco chains are perfect for everyday wear. In comparison, Miami Cuban link chains can mostly be used for special occasions or formal events.


6.     Cost


Monaco chains are tremendously affordable as your go-to gold jewellery option. It even costs about 50% to 75% less than a Cuban link chain to make a masterpiece of a Monaco chain.


What Karat Gold is Best for a Monaco Chain Design?


You should know your Karats. Deciding on the Karat type of your Monaco chain jewellery is vital. The purer the gold, the less durable a gold chain will be. A pure-gold Monaco chain of 22K or 24K will scratch more easily and won't be suitable for regular use. Similarly, a 10K or 14K gold chain will be more rigid and durable. But you should skip this Karat value to buy a gold Monaco chain. With less purity comes a higher percentage of other alloys. If one is allergic to nickel, you should always go for 20K or 21K Monaco chain designs. Many gold alloys contain nickel; the lower the gold purity, the more nickel the chain may contain. The ideal thing is to stick to the middle-level Karats, such as 20K or 21K.


Parting Thought


Treat yourself to the best creators of Monaco chains in UAE at Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery. You get a vast collection of Monaco chains, each with a unique, stylish design. Moreover, some even have precious stones added to them in the form of eye-catching 21Kgold necklaces. Aim to possess premium quality gold jewellery and buy Monaco chain designs from the trusted and professional UAE jewellers Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery.

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