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Granite Stones in Women’s Jewellery

Add granite stones to your women’s jewellery for a classy and elegant look! Stones that are a blend of beauty and durability.

No matter how many variations and designs are brought to women’s jewellery, it is not enough. There is always scope for new styles and different types of stones and gems. The same applies to what material you can use in your lovely ladies’ ornaments. You always want something durable and still pretty to look at. Granite stones fill these criteria handsomely. You can never go wrong with them in various forms of women’s jewellery like pendants, bracelets, or earrings made of granite stones.

Furthermore, finding an experienced jeweller is essential to get premium quality granite stone women’s jewellery. Here, Alromaizan Gold and Jewellery offer numerous lovely options for granite stone ornaments. Let’s explore granite, some basic facts about it, its use in women’s jewellery, and how to clean such baubles.


What are Granite Stones in Women’s Jewellery?


We generally see black and white granite in abundance. But we don’t know from where it comes. How it forms? It is a type of igneous rock formed from volcanic activity. The molten rock has existed as a hot liquid below the earth’s surface for centuries. In this molten rock, minerals get mixed up with no perfect layers like limestone, making the granite stone stronger overall.

Few granite stones are stunning. So they are used in women’s jewellery as gemstones. Their beauty is no less than any other gemstone; it especially stands true for coloured granite stones. A famous example is a blue tint gemstone found in the Himalayas named K2 Azurite granite. It is a rare stone. Thus, it is also called a gemstone.


Granite, Gem or Rock?


A debate commonly found everywhere when discussing granite in women’s jewellery is whether it is a stone or a gem. While not usually a gem material, granite is one of the most common rocks. But rare and shining granite stones are treated as gemstones. People also wear simple black and white granite stones in their jewellery, not necessarily coloured granite stones.

Gem or rock, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that granite is rightly considered one of the toughest substances in the world. Did you know? Only diamonds are harder than granite stones. You can’t get more durable jewellery than this when you add granite stones to your ornaments. Unlike other stone types, granite won’t break or crumble over time.


Facts About Granite Stones in Women’s Jewellery


Let’s explore some basic exciting facts about the nature of granite stones when you wish to add them to your women’s jewellery.


·      Granite stones have large quantities of minerals like quartz and feldspar, with traces of mica added. It is harvested worldwide in many countries, including Brazil, the United States, China, India, and Norway.

·      Granite stones vary in colours beautifully, leading to endless possibilities in jewellery design. The variety of minerals that make up the stone causes the colour variations in the granite stones. Sometimes they are elegantly dramatic in colour, ranging from deep reds to pink to gold, green, and grey to black.

·      Because of its durability, granite is one of the most desired materials for building countertops, fountains and public sculptures.



Types of Granite Stones Jewellery

You can add granite stones to your women’s jewellery in multiple ways;



A granite stone necklace or pendant can be worn on any occasion, whether a social get-together with friends or a formal party. You can even match the colour of the granite stone with your dress of the day. Big and round stones especially look eye-catching when set in necklaces or pendants.



Granite stones earrings look fabulous even if they are worn in the classic black and white marble colour. You can play safe with such styling when confused about going full formal or casual at a wedding or gathering by wearing granite stones earrings.



Tiny beads of granite stones make up excellent bracelets. These can be made for everyday wear or a special occasion, depending on your choice of multicolour granite stones.


Significance of Granite Stones in Women’s Jewellery


Apart from being lovely-looking and durable, some believe granite is a “stone of protection” with sacred and magical qualities. They further believe granite stones bring balance to relationships and stabilize your emotions. Others consider it a stone of abundance, which helps make its user rich in money. Thus, people wear granite stones in ornaments, particularly women’s jewellery.


In Conclusion


You only add beauty and endurance to your jewellery collection by adding granite stones to your women’s jewellery. These stones can easily rival other pretty gems with their gorgeous colours and cut, only if you find the right jeweller. An experienced jeweller will provide you with the most neatly cut granite stones for women’s jewellery, and Alromaizan Gold and Jewellery nicely fit the description. With their amazing collection of gold and granite stones in women’s jewellery, you will find a vast array of lovely colours to choose from to buy yourself a granite stone pendant or ring of the highest quality.

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