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Gold Jewellery & Society

Gold Jewellery has an importance in human societies and they have indications about the wearer's financial statue. Keep Reading to know more

It is hard to find a single woman in this world who does not own gold jewellery. The first question a woman would have in mind while preparing what to wear for a special occasion is which piece of jewellery she should wear to look fabulous, and most of the time, it will be gold jewellery.


Gold Jewellery has always held importance in human societies all over the times. So what did, and still does, gold jewellery indicates & why do people wear it?


There are many different reasons that drive people to buy gold, whether as jewellery or bars. One of the most significant reasons is to show off their financial status and social status. This has been there since ancient civilizations when the social hierarchy was clear. For example, women wearing gold earrings are for sure of the ruling social class.


Most of the ancient societies, such as the British, had regulated roles to prevent normal people, i.e. whoever was not a member of the royal family, notable religious men, or held political positions wearing gold & any precious gemstone jewellery.


In the old times in UAE, for example, only men with good fortune were able to buy gold in Dubai. So, when their daughters got married, or when they got married, they should buy gold jewellery that suited their financial status.


The Emirati bride’s wedding gold set was an indication of the healthy family she came from or was marrying to.


However, the significance of gold jewellery in the old Emirati society can be seen clearly when a bride from a less fortunate family got married. Rich families in UAE used to lend their gold jewellery to people with low incomes without any charges. Because gold jewellery was an important item in weddings, so rich families felt it should be given to whoever could not afford the price of gold jewellery for free.


With the major change in the UAE economy after discovering oil, the situation changed. Gold jewellery has become affordable to everyone. Since UAE women have high tastes in jewellery, gold shops and designers have to keep up with the latest trends in jewellery. At the same time, traditional Emirati jewellery still receives demands. 


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