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Get Yourself Obsidian Stones For Women Jewellery!

Who doesn't love obsidian stones? Wear obsidian stones to make your women's jewellery unique, lucky, and eye-catching.

No matter how many variations you add to women's jewellery, there is always room for more. Adding obsidian stones to different ladies' ornaments makes them breathtakingly striking and beautiful. Obsidian stones are not that common and look unique and prestigious when worn. Choosing them as the gemstones to wear in female jewellery is the peak of playing it smart when making your accessory selection. You can get an obsidian necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a ring and look the prettiest lady at a function or gathering. An excellent jeweler will offer the best choice of obsidian stones in women's jewellery. Al Romaizan Gold and jewellery is renowned in crafting and selling obsidian items of the highest standard and design. What are obsidian stones, and how come they come into our world in such a lovely shape?


Obsidian Stones In Women Jewellery!


Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass-like material. You get it when lava turns solid so quickly that no mineral crystals are formed. The term 'Obsidian' alludes to its glassy texture. Most Obsidians are commonly found on the outskirts of rhyolite flows or domes, as this gemstone is similar to rhyolite in chemical composition. Additionally, obsidian stones can be found along the quickly cooling edges of sills and dykes. Typically it is in jet-black color, but the addition of hematite produces red and brown types of such gemstones. Obsidian stones in women's jewellery can be of one of these types:

·      Black obsidian.

·      Snowflake obsidian.

·      Rainbow obsidian.

·      Mahogany obsidian.

·      Blue obsidian.

·      Green obsidian.

·      Red obsidian and more.


Did You Know?


You can trace obsidian stone history to pre-historic times regarding their use in ancient ornaments, classical tools, and weapons such as knives or spears. Obsidian is sometimes sharper than steel with its fine cutting edge. Some say the Mayan priests even used obsidian gems as 'mirrors' to guess the future. With the passage of time, obsidian gemstones were cut into delicate pieces, which were used to make jewellery.


Why Go For Obsidian Stone Jewellery?


If you have doubts about using obsidian stones in your jewellery, shed those worries. Obsidian is highly popular for its healing properties. Due to its extremely sharp feature, it is considered to pierce the darkness to bring light into your life. Let's see why you should go for obsidian stones in women's jewellery.


1.  Mental healing properties

Often people consider obsidian tones a tool for mental healing, as it is believed to help promote positivity and release negative energy. Some even wear it on a necklace or bracelet to control their anxiety or stress, believing in its calming effect on the mind.


2.  Physical healing contributor

 Obsidian stones are famous for improving physical pain, particularly those linked to arthritis and joint or muscle pain. Some people wear this gemstone's jewellery to detoxify their physical bodies as they believe obsidian helps remove toxins.


3.  Spiritual Healing Features

The spiritual significance of obsidian originates from its formation process. Most cultures believe that as hot lava cools down instantly on the earth's surface, this conversion from a fiery to a solid state imbues this glass-like component with the spiritual powers of grounding and transforming.



Although many people and cultures say obsidian stones carry many healing properties, they should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Instead, you can use obsidian stones in your jewellery collection as an extra after proper medical care or treatment.




Types of Obsidian Stone Women Jewellery


You can wear obsidian stones in different types of women's jewellery. Al Romaizan Gold and jewellery offer delicate designs intricately woven into various shapes with obsidian as the central stone.


1.  Obsidian rings


Those who want to carry the stone's positive vibes with them or showcase that glittering black obsidian wear it as a ring often. You can choose from a simple obsidian ring to elaborate styles; it's up to you.


2.  Obsidian necklaces


A great way to highlight the stone's unique color and properties is to wear it as an obsidian necklace. You can select from the various lengths and styles available at a jeweler, such as a delicate and dainty piece or a bold, iconic necklace.


3.  Obsidian bracelets


Obsidian bracelets are popular with those people who want to combine this stone's positive energy with other stones. Whether single-strand beaded bracelets or multi-strand bangles, you can go either way. Both look lovely.


4. Obsidian Earrings


At a social gathering or a wedding, earrings having obsidian stones create waves among the guests in a spectacular way due to their unique cut and colours.


In Conclusion


Obsidian stones in women's jewellery make for a fabulous choice. You can choose the type of jewelry that best fits your style and preferences, from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings. Al Romaizan Gold and jewellery are the experts in the gold and gems jewellery section, with six decades of experience backing them up. Their detail in design, style, and gemstone cut will amaze you when buying obsidian stone jewellery. 

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