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Everything You Need to Know About Gold Rates in UAE

Do you want to know the reasons behind the fluctuation of gold rates in UAE? What factors influence people to buy gold from UAE? Click here to learn everything.

Admit it: Gold is the selling and most popular metal worldwide.

Gold, a shiny yellow metal, as a commodity, has a rich value and history that is interwoven into traditions and cultures. In several cultures, it is offered to the demigods and lords as a symbol of love and is believed to bring fortune and luck to their lives.

When buying gold, it has to be authentic and genuine. No country in the world is considered a hub of gold jewellery than the United Arab Emirates. 

UAE has always been considered a paradise for gold lovers and buyers. And the gold rates in UAE remain relatively lower than in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, gold prices are dynamic and never remain stable for a more extended period.

Before digging into gold rates in UAE these days, let us briefly overview the reasons behind the fluctuations of gold prices and why it is better to buy gold from the UAE.

Let's get straight to the point!



Factors Affecting the Gold Rates in UAE

Multiple factors affect the gold rates across the UAE. This thread will share some fundamental aspects behind the gold rate fluctuations.

  • Global Movement

The global movement of gold prices also affects the gold rates in the UAE. Since UAE is the world's largest gold supplier, any international rate change highly impacts the gold prices in the domestic market.

  • Jewellery Market

With the demand for gold jewellery during the festive and wedding season, the demand for gold jewellery suddenly increases and elevates from the availability. This creates a mismatch between availability and supply, leading to rising prices.

  • Change in Interest Rates

Financial products' interest rates are closely related to the demand for this shiny yellow metal. Currently, UAE gold rates are in the right combination with the interest rates. However, with the increased interest rates, people are more likely to sell gold, resulting in decreased gold prices in the UAE.

  • Inflation 

From a financial perspective, gold owns a relatively steady position; this feature has given it the ability to hedge against inflation. Due to this reason, many investors think about gold as an investment rather than a currency.

This increases the demand for gold during inflation, followed by increased gold rates during inflation. The scenario is observed worldwide, not limited to only UAE, though.



Reasons to Purchase Gold from UAE

UAE: A golds heaven, where people are often smitten by the mesmerizing and impressive display of gold. 

UAE never compromises on the authenticity of this yellow metal either. But we had to consider what else makes UAE a prime choice for gold buyers. Let us look at the factors separately!


  • Broad Range of Stylish Designs


The UAE gold market is the right pick if you are unique and prefer stylish yet classic gold designs. The gold market in the UAE is backed up by the spectacular range of designs inspired by different parts of the world to incorporate the buyer's wish regardless of which part of the world they belong to.

In addition, if you are looking for impressive and unique gold jewellery designs, you must visit Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery.  We have been working in the gold industry for over 6 decades and understand what it takes to make elegant gold jewellery.

Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery is dedicated to serving gold buyers with an extensive range of gold jewellery, including pendants, rings, chains, bracelets, bangles, and simple kids' range. You can also get discounts and package to make the most of the best suppliers in the UAE.


  • International Prices


People traveling to the UAE for the first time are often surprised that UAE doesn't charge duty taxes on gold. In addition, the prices of gold jewellery across all the gold shops in the souk are the same. 

Nevertheless, gold rates are dynamic; they fluctuate as they do in other parts of the world. But of course, when talking about quality and purity, you must prefer buying gold from UAE.



  • Easy Liquidation


Many people think about purchasing gold to liquidate it at a time of need. They prefer buying gold as a token of security and safety, something that protects their family and loved ones during tough times. It is because selling gold is always considered easy as you don't have to search for the buyer with the best offers –gold is always sold according to the current prices



  • Good Scope for Bargaining


Shopping and bargaining go hand in hand. But while purchasing gold, bargaining doesn't usually come to mind. Many believe there is no point in negotiating while buying gold as the authorities fix their prices.

But NO!

Though you cannot bargain with the gold rates, you can definitely bargain on the making and waste charges since the total price of any gold ornament across UAE or any part of the world, including gold price, making, and wastage charges.



  • Gold Rates


Whenever travelers and tourists visit UAE, they are always tempted to buy gold from there; Do You know why? It's the gold price!


Compared with other parts of the world, the gold prices in the UAE are always lesser due to lenient taxation. Since the prices are low, buyers are automatically attracted to gold markets, and the souk eventually purchases gold of new and stylish designs.


Furthermore, import duty is also not applicable to the UAE's gold investment, making it cheaper than in other parts of the world. 


The best part?


The authorities and government of the UAE charge only 5% VAT on each purchase of gold jewellery, and the travelers can reclaim this VAT at the airport and ask for a refund which makes buying gold from UAE worth it.


  • Gold Purity


One of the primary reasons why buyers prefer visiting the UAE and buying gold is its gold's quality and purity. In many countries, gold is considered an asset, and people buy it as an investment to save it for rainy days.


Yes, you are right! Gold can be bought from their home countries, but since they look for purity and quality, people prefer visiting UAE to get the purest gold.


Apart from buying gold as an investment, people are connected with gold as their sentiments are attached. Usually, people prefer to present it at engagements and weddings as a symbol of luck and fortune.



Current Gold Rates in UAE


The current gold rate for 10 grams of 24-karat gold is 1988 AED; for 22-karat gold, it is 1881 AED; for 18 Karat gold, it is reported as 1541 AED.


Under normal conditions and scenarios, gold rates in the UAE and the value of international currencies share an inverse relationship. The majority of the gold rates are dependent on the USD. So, any change in the value of USD will broadly impact the gold rates in the UAE.


Apart from the factors and conditions discussed above, other factors also impact the UAE's gold rates, such as the production of gold, geopolitical instability, minimizing activities, etc.

However, the ultimate factor that drives gold rates in the UAE is its supply flow and demand. According to the facts stated by the authorities, the demand for gold is 1000 tons more compared to the availability.


Most of the gold in the market is recycled and converted into new and stylish designs to meet customer demands. However, the supply chain and demand mismatch result in fluctuations in the gold rates in UAE.


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