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Celebrate International Youth Day With A Jewellery Gift!

Appreciate your youth with a surprising gift by giving your loved ones or dear ones a lovely jewellery gift. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts!

How much do we value our youth nowadays? It needs thinking as the younger generations get underestimated by the previous ones. They also need their voice and demands to be heard. To this aim, the International Youth Day movement was initiated in 1999 by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) recommendation. The United Nations General Assembly endorsed this big step to celebrate youth globally by issuing a resolution. This resolution supported celebrating International Youth Day annually on August 12. What does this stand for? And how can you also show your affection and appreciation to your younger generation? Let's read on to explore the answers to these questions.


International Youth Day Significance


International Youth Day on August 12 every year carries a profound significance. This day is seen as an opportunity by governments, other prominent institutes, and countries to shed light on youth issues globally and try to resolve them. During IYD, government officials and youth organisations arrange concerts, workshops, cultural events, etc., for everybody to participate from international audiences. You can join these youth supportive activities being held locally or organise your ones, encouraging others to join you.


International Youth Day Theme


A theme is often selected for this fantastic day by consulting multiple parties, namely youth organisations and the UN Inter-Agency Network members in Youth development. The purpose is to encourage global youth to organise activities that help raise awareness about global youth issues. This year, the International Youth Day 2023 theme is "Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World." The United Nations (UN) defines Green skills as "knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society."


The Importance of Embracing International Youth Day (IYD)


It is vital to embrace IYD as a whole because it raises the voice for youth issues globally. More than 30% of the unemployed population globally comprises youth alone. Young people also face more chances of dealing with uncertain work conditions. International Labour Organization data even states that young employees face double the chances compared to adult workers of being forced to live in extreme poverty or being employed with little or no social protection. This day focuses on the younger generation's dreams, talents, and potential. So, how can you show affection or love to your young, loved, or close ones?


Celebrate International Youth Day With A Jewellery Gift!


Gifts promote love and affection in relationships. Different cultures have also supported this tradition since ancient times. The ancient Greeks gave diamonds as gifts, believing them to be the tears of the Gods. International Youth Day is used to honour the dreams, aspirations, and achievements of young minds across the globe. Beyond appreciation and moral support, you can give your young children, students, or employees a perfect gift. It makes this big day memorable for them, and they feel valued in your household or society. The gifts we share are not just materialistic but also carry a significant impact. They are symbols of our unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in their ability to drive positive change. You can't give your dear ones a better gift than a beautifully crafted and delicate piece of jewellery. You can go with any type of ornament option.




Gents or Ladies, a delicate minimal-look bracelet of gold or any other metal can be a lovely World Youth Day gift to a dear one. They will remember your encouragement and love for them whenever they glance at their wrist.




A lovely pendant can make for a great IYD gift to a younger loved one or someone you wish to show moral support. A delicate gold chain with a gorgeous gemstone dangling creates the perfect offering.




Gift gold or other gemstone rings to your younger loved ones on this International Youth Day. They can be easily worn and are available in various designs, material textures, and patterns. It doesn't have to be pricy necessarily; just stunning-looking will do.




Earrings can be worn by gents and ladies both when it comes to the youth of today. They make an outstanding IYD gift.


Parting Thoughts


Give your younger dear ones a lasting symbol of your love and support for them with a surprise jewellery gift on International Youth Day. They will not expect it and will be happier for it. This is proof of your affection for them, not mere verbal encouragement to grab onto their future dreams and explore their hidden talents. Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery is with you every step of the way, with its wide variety of expertly crafted intricate designs. With multiple branches, premium quality jewellery options, and a trusted online presence, you can buy jewellery gifts from us  with zero hesitation. Simple yet elegant designs of every variety come in handy to gift on International Youth Day.


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