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All You Need to Know About Expo Sharjah Watch & Jewellery Middle East (WJME) 2023

Discover thrilling insights about the Sharjah Expo Center and its offerings for the 52nd W&J ME event.

Watch & Jewellery Middle East (WJME) is one of the region's most iconic landmarks, which played an important role in the region's development. The place was manufactured in 1993 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with local institutions, especially the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Sharjah's Expo Centre unveils its grand spectacle, twice a year. Spring and autumn breathe life into its halls, where creators and dreamers converge. More than a venue, it orchestrates the symphony of this exclusive experience, weaving the city's heartbeat into every fiber. Sharjah's Expo Centre stands as a testament to unity, where innovation meets tradition, in the embrace of a nation's proud legacy.Today, the place is known for hosting multiple business and commerce exhibitions of the country's trade fairs, conventions, and, most importantly, gold exhibitions.This article will discuss the Sharjah Expo Center and its diamond sponsor, Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellers, for 2023.Sharjah Expo Center - A Brief Overview Over the past few years, Sharjah has established itself as the hub of the region's leading business and commercial hub. It is often considered the gateway to the Middle East. Many well-known businesses and corporate entities seek opportunities to expand their business in this region.

The Sharjah Expo Center is one of the many dedicated developments the region has made so far. It has become one of the most popular places for the gold exhibition venues. It won't be wrong to say that the Sharjah Expo Center has become a synonym for trade fairs and conventions.Furthermore, the place is also popular for hosting small events, corporate presentations, dinners, and receptions. The main reason behind the corporate popularity of this region is the environment it offers for business officials to build relationships and boost the growth and development of their business.Sharjah Expo Center Events.

Over the past few years, many prominent business exhibitions and trade fairs have been held at the Sharjah Expo Center. Many investors from Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman attend events at the Sharjah Expo Center.One of the most renowned exhibitions for the Sharjah Expo Center is on 27th September 2023, "52nd Watch and Gold Jewellery Middle East Show." The show was first launched in 1993 and has grown immensely over the decades. Every year, many jewellery brands participate in the exhibition to showcase their items and forge new connections.Diamond sponsor Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers to shine at Sharjah Expo Center.

Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers are all set to shine at the most popular and shining 52nd Jewellery Middle East Show. Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers have signed up to be the diamond sponsor for the show in the 52nd edition. The event will begin on 27th September 2023 and continue till 1st October 2023.According to the CEO of Expo Center Sharjah, "We are delighted to have Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers as our diamond partners. We continuously strive to deliver the best in every edition, and having Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers by our side gives us a lot of confidence."Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers - Shining with a History of Classy Over Decades Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers was established in 1986 and is known to be one of the largest gold manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, with more than 200 branches across Arab countries.With the presence of the Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers in the W&J ME, the visitors are looking forward to the classic and stylish gold collection in the exhibition. The event gained popularity before starting with Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers, its diamond sponsor. Sharjah Expo Center Services and Facilities Organizing and managing an event in a new country can be tiring and stressful. Therefore, Middle East events are usually arranged in the Sharjah Expo Center to ensure classic services and convenience. To ensure an entire event is finished smoothly without any glitches, a dedicated team of specialists is hired to manage all the arrangements in the Sharjah Expo Center. Technical and on-ground services are also available to ensure there is no chance of mishaps.

The primary services Sharjah Expo Center management provides to make the event a success include:* Full-scale advertising and marketing services include PR, media buying, photography, collateral designs, and advertising on all mediums.

* Beverage and food

* AutoCAD and floor management services

* Internet Services

* Dedicated Parking

* Cleaning Services

* Postal Services

* Exchange and Banking Services

* Customized Stand Design

* Telecommunication

* Freight Storage and Forwarding

* ATM ServiceFinal ThoughtsEvery year, the Sharjah Expo Center arranges numerous events and trade fairs according to the user demands and ensures to fulfill the visitors' requirements. And most importantly, facilitate all kinds of visitors.This year, Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers is the diamond sponsor of the awaited 52nd Watch and Jewellery Middle East Show. With them on board, jewelry lovers look forward to exciting gold jewelry designs and classic collections.

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