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Agate Women's Jewellery - A Comprehensive Guide to Buying

Are you fond of collecting unique and rare gemstones? Presenting all the details you need to know about Agate Stone for Women's Jewellery and how to evaluate it.

There is no doubt that stone-studded jewellery has always been in fashion!

Do you know what is the reason behind it?

It is because it reflects the wearer's personality, power, and prestige. One such stone that makes one's personality stand out is Agate.

It is believed that jewellery embossed with Agate stone can absorb all the negativity around you and spread positivity. Regardless of what the season is, Agate women's jewellery is always a trendy and classic choice.

Are you curious to know more about Agate jewellery?

To learn what agate jewellery is, its purposes, and how to choose genuine agate stones, read this article to the end.

Let's get straight into it!

Agate Stone - A Brief Introduction

Agate is a form of Chalcedony and comes in many colours and varieties. Usually, agates are translucent and often available in speckled or striped forms. It is a microcrystalline quartz-producing gemstone like onyx and jasper.

Moreover, Agates are high-lustre gemstones rated 7 on the hardness scale. Agates are easily found in different parts of the world, including Uruguay, Mexico, and Brazil.

Furthermore, Agates have a long history of being used to be embedded in jewellery items. Tiny Agate beads found in UAE jewellery are 9000 years old.

Agate Stones: Different Types

There are many different types of Agate, depending on how the stone is composed, how unique the inclusions are, and what trace minerals it contains.

In brief, the most popular Agate stones are as follows:

1. Fire Agate

There is an iridescent quality to this Agate stone that makes it stand out from other varieties. Fire Agates are formed millions of years ago through volcanic explosions.

Due to its reddish brown colour, it looks like a fire, and usually, it is combined with little swirls and shots of colours to enhance its beauty. Since these are old stones, they are rare and often costly.

2. Moss Agate

Another commonly found type is Moss Agate. It contains inclusions with a green appearance generating a moss-like structure.

Sometimes, these Moss Agates have brown or black shades throughout the stones.

3. Fortification Agate

This is the most common Agate stone type often appearing when discussing Agate gemstones. It comprises beautiful crystallised bands flowing in the contour of the cavity.

Moreover, the most attractive feature of Fortification Agate is, it has a colourful cross-section full of rings and old trees.

4. Plume Agate

The reason behind the popularity of this Agate is its feather-like inclusions on the surface. In most cases, they are fauna or ferns that were present on the rock walls when they were formed.

These Agates are polished and adequately cut to blend this feather-like inclusion beautifully with the Agate stone. This results in attractive designs and vibrant colour combinations.

5. Lace Agate

Another most sought-after Agate stone is Lace Agate. As the name suggests, this type is reminiscent of alluring lace with elaborated swirls and hoops. It is one of the rarest and most desirable forms of Agate gemstone.

Generally, these come in blue or red, but other colours may also be found.

Agate Gemstone: 4 Things to Consider

As with all other gemstones, Agate is evaluated using the 4Cs Formula - Clarity, Carat, Cut, and Colour.

Let's take a closer look at each factor individually.

1. Clarity

It is important to choose an Agate gemstone based on its clarity. The crystal clear Agate gemstone is the most valuable due to the absence of inclusions.

Moreover, ensure the stone doesn't contain any scratches or cracks and is clean to the eye. Nevertheless, in some cases, the inclusion makes Agate gemstones more valuable, such as Plume, Moss, and Fire.

2. Carat Weight

Though Agate gemstones are abundant, not all are valuable and of gem quality. Sometimes, large Agate stones are used to manufacture crafts and furniture.

To make the Agate of gem quality, the raw Agate is sliced and polished to create smaller stones of different carats. Typically, Agates of 2-4 carats are suitable for women's jewellery.

3. Cut

Agate gemstones can be cut into different shapes and sizes, including emerald, square, pear, and round.

Always buy Agate stones from reliable and trusted sellers like Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellers; they are experts in dealing with Agate gemstones and cut them carefully to enhance their natural bands and patterns.

4. Colour

Agate gemstone is available in various colours, such as grey, black, orange, red, pink, blue, rainbow, and banded.

These Agates with different colour combinations can be mixed or layered to generate beautiful combinations.

Closing Thoughts

Agate is a complex yet beautiful gemstone used in jewellery for years. People commonly embed Agate stones in bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings.

However, choosing Agate stones can be daunting due to their availability in various colours. Once you select the suitable stone, analyse it based on the 4Cs formula and get it embedded for your favourite jewellery accessory.




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