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22 January The Symbolism and Meaning Behind Kids’ Jewellery

Are you considering giving one of your kids a lovely, memorable jewellery piece? Here is a guide to making your kids’ jewellery selection process easier.

            Jewellery for children has been used since ancient times to express love, social status, and wealth. Only the materials were pebbles, leather, or shells, now replaced in the modern era with delicately designed different metals such as gold, diamond, silver, and others. The transformation from past designs to the latest ones is astonishing, opening new doors to styling and wearing kids’ jewellery. Let’s explore the intense meaning and symbolism behind crafting kids’ ornaments and how to design such pieces regarding multiple considerations, such as materials and jewellery types.

The Deep Symbolism and Meaning Linked with Kids’ Jewellery

                    Gifting jewellery to children carries deep reverberations of emotion and an expression of social or financial standing. People also tend to make jewellery for their kids due to superstitious beliefs and to offer some religious protection against the evil eye. Giving religious jewellery to children or infants is especially common in multiple cultures because these ornamental pieces are considered talismans to ward off dangerous curses, bring health and good fortune, or serve as a reminder of faith.

For instance, in Cambodia, historically, parents placed silver chains with bells on their kids’ ankles. The aim was rooted in the parents’ desire to protect young kids from bad spirits. These pieces also helped pinpoint where the toddler had run off to regarding safety concerns. Similarly, in the Victorian era, older kids were usually gifted with gold or silver jewellery that became family heirlooms with time. Such priceless, intricately engraved items are still displayed in museums as historical babies’ or kids’ jewellery.

What Are The Most Suitable Kids’ Jewellery Styles?

Regarding jewellery, not all types of ornaments might work well with your child. First, as a parent or a gift-giving close relative, you should consider what would make the most appropriate kids’ jewellery. This consideration includes a kid’s comfort level and safety concerns about wearing a jewellery item. Then, you work with a trusted and professional jeweller like Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery to make your intended designs a lovely reality.

·      Go for simple bracelets, bangles, or rings for newborns or babies.

·      Gold stud earrings work best for little girls having pierced, as other metals may cause an allergic reaction when regularly worn, and gold is mostly safe to use.

·      A simple, elegantly designed chain necklace or a pendant can work for both girls and boys for regular use.

·      Order kids’ jewellery making with a little margin left for a child’s growth so that the item may still be worn over the long term as a treasured piece.

Remember! It is more than deciding, “ I want this for my child,” when designing kids’ jewellery. You must factor in other important elements to get a child's best jewelry item.

Things to Consider While Making Kids’ Jewellery

Knowing what you want makes the whole kids’ jewellery ordering process easier. Check these points before setting your heart on a specific piece.

1.    Material Type

         Not all metals suit a child’s skin. The best solution is to use pure metals like gold to avoid the risk of allergic reactions. So, even if you love a     particular metal type, don’t mindlessly decide on the same metal as the intended material for your kids' jewellery, as they might be allergic to it. 

2.    Practical Comfort

Select a jewellery type and design that a child can easily wear and carry during blissful playing. They should not feel that the piece they are wearing is tight or uncomfortable or gets stuck somewhere while playing. Thus, carefully consider this point, as kids never stay still and constantly move around. 

3.    Design Type

Go for a kids’ jewellery design so the item doesn’t fall off while playing or moving using a safe mechanism such as a proper clasp mechanism. The jewellery design for young children should keep their safety in mind, such as avoiding using small beads in making items for very small kids and babies. They tend to swallow small things, hence the need to avoid using small jewellery elements like beads.

Another thing can be what size chain suits young kids while ordering pendants or chains. An experienced jeweller like Al Romaizan Gold and Jewellery can guide you best. You mention your child’s size and age, and they can advise you best about a jewellery item’s length or design.

Ending Note

Giving jewellery to kids carries great sentimental value in the long run. It is like they have a piece of you, as a parent or close relative, with them wherever they go worldwide. So, go for the perfect jewellers to get your dream kids’ jewellery in premium quality metals of gold or diamond.

Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellers bring you highly intricate kids’ jewellery designs that will wow your heart with their superb skill and detail to quality. With headquarters in Riyadh and multiple branches across many countries, we carry a great history of jewellery-making, satisfying clients globally. So, don’t take risks with unsure jewellers and get the best ornaments designed for your children with our jewellery experts.

Contact us at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery to get the ball rolling on creating a perfect kids’ jewellery piece for you!

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