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Animal Jewellery

Our animal-inspired jewellery collection is a collection with magnificent designs. There are pendants and different jewellery sets that resemble the beauty of the wilderness in timeless designs.
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If you enjoy the beauty of nature, and love animals, then this collection is for you. You can surround yourself with colourful birds, and butterflies in beautiful earrings, or gold pendants. If you prefer a more mysterious look, then choose a jewellery item decorated with wild animals. 

What do Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery offer in this collection?

 Under the animal-inspired collection, we have various categories as below; 


  • Wild Animal Jewellery 

Under this category, you will find various jewellery items with wild animal designs such as leopards, tigers, lions, crocodiles, elephants, eagles, scorpions and snakes. 

Usually, this type of jewellery is lavish and suits only special occasions.

  •  Insects 

Under this category, you will find earrings, rings or other jewellery items with the shape of a butterfly or ladybird. Sometimes, you will have small pendants and charms in the shape of a colourful butterfly or ladybird attached to a gold necklace or bracelet. This collection is more versatile, as the jewellery items here may go well with everyday outfits or formal attire.

  •  Other 

By “other” we mean various birds and animal shapes that are used to decorate jewellery pieces in a simple design that works for an everyday look. Many small colourful birds such as peacocks or swans, cute turtles, or horses. Feel free to browse our animal-inspired jewellery collection, and choose your preference!