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Are you looking for a simple yet elegant bracelet for your child? Then, have a look at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Kids’ collection
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18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet

There are gold & gem bracelets in both modern & traditional styles designed especially for kids. You will have various options to explore at reasonable prices at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store.


What Does Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery Present on Our Online Store?



 At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have a wide diverse collection of kids’ bracelets. So, what to expect to find in our Kids’ bracelet collection?


  • Gold Kids’ Bracelet


There are beautiful simple gold bracelets for kids available at our online store at reasonable prices. If you want to check the bracelet size, click here, please.

Our designs for kids’ gold bracelets are simple, yet unique to suit children’s wear. 

Most of our kids’ gold bracelets come in yellow gold and in 21K & 18K.


  • Gold Enamelled Kids’ Bracelet

At our online store, we can buy colourful gold enamelled bracelets with nature or animal representations coloured beautifully with enamel.


  • Kids’ Hand Wear

Handwear for kids is one of our perfect examples of modernizing traditional jewellery. Handwear is basically an ornament for the whole palm and wrist. It is a bracelet connected to a ring by a gold chain.

We have 21K & 18K yellow gold, enamelled and charm handwear.


  • Kids’ Modern Bracelet

Modern-style kids’ bracelets at Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery of 18K are usually charm bracelets or gold enamelled.


  • Kids’ Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone bracelets for kids are in modern style. There are pearl, zircon, and coloured stone bracelets.



Tips to Consider Before Buying A Bracelet for Your Daughter


Know the Perfect Style

Depending on your daughter’s age, choose the suitable bracelet accordingly. The younger your daughter is, the simpler the bracelet should be. Also, avoid bracelets with expensive gemstones, or charms, if she is under ten years old.

Girls under this age may not understand how to look after valuable things.


Know the Size

Check your daughter’s wrist size before buying any bracelet. On almost all online shops, there should be a size chart to guide you.

Click here to access our bracelet size guide.


Always Go for Gold Bracelet

When it comes to children, it is always recommended to avoid any metal that may harm their sensitive skin. Since gold is perfectly fine with children’s skin, it is advisable to only go for 21K or 18K gold bracelets.


Keep the Gold Bracelet for Occasions Only

It is advisable also to keep kids’ bracelets for occasions only. Don’t leave the gold bracelet with your daughter all the time, as they don’t have a concept of valuable items. Unless your daughter is old enough to look after her precious belongings.


Buy from A Reputable Online Shop


Look only for reputable and well-known gold & jewellery online stores to ensure the quality of gold. As we mentioned earlier, children’s skin is sensitive and must not wear different metals. Therefore, you need to buy from trusted gold jewellery to get real gold, not a fake one.

At our online store, we have 21K & 18K gold bracelets for kids.


Why should you buy kids’ bracelets from Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store?


  • Diverse Collection


Al Romaizan's gold bracelet collection is diverse and fits all styles, tastes, budgets and purposes. We have simple bracelets for everyday wear as well as lavish bracelets that can be worn on special occasions.

For nature lovers, we have amazing nature imitation bracelet designs. The same applies to animal or art lovers who can find plenty of bracelet options to choose from.


  • Unique Designs

You will be blessed with unique and timeless bracelet designs at our online store. Buying a kids’ bracelet from our store assuring standing out of the crowd.



  • A well-Known Brand

Buying a kids’ bracelet from Al Romaizan means buying from one of the best gold companies in the Arabian Gulf region. There is a reason to hold such a position in the region!


  • Exciting Shopping experience


Online shopping at our online store is easy and exciting. You buy it for yourself, or you can prepare beautiful wrapping for your gift. It is fast, easy and trusted.


  • Trusted Online Payment Methods

Because we place our client's interest ahead of anything else, we ensure using the highest leading encrypting technology to smooth the payment in a safe way.