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Diamond Set

Al Romaizan has many diamond sets to offer. These differ in style, colours, and design to suit all our clients. We have two main sets, a half diamond set and a full diamond set.
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0.31CT Diamond Pendant Set
0.31CT Diamond Pendant Set
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0.36CT Diamond Pendant Set
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0.45CT Diamond Pendant Set
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Diamond sets are a smart way to combine beautifully designed jewellery items to wear during a special event. They also act as an excellent gift for a friend, wife, mother, or sister on a special occasion.


At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, we create timeless designs in one set and prepare the perfect gift for you. All you need to know is to browse our diamond set collections.


The main diamond set categories




The half-diamond set usually comes with two or three gem jewellery items, such as a diamond necklace with stud diamond earrings, or sometimes adding to this a diamond ring.




The full diamond set comes with all the necessarily diamond jewellery items that complete the look. So, a full diamond set has a diamond necklace, set, ring and a pair of stud earrings.


If you would like to celebrate a special occasion among family and friends, yet would like to stand out from the crowd, then have a look at our diamond sets. These are designed carefully to provide the elegant style you are looking for. At the same time, our diamond sets’ designs are inspired by nature and our rich heritage.


Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store has full sets in white gold. White gold works fine with diamonds and creates an elegant combination that suits your sophistication.


What Makes a Diamond Set Essential?


Diamond sets, just like gold and other jewellery sets, are essential to have and to make it a part of your jewellery collection for the below reasons;


  • Saves Effort

Probably one of the most important reasons that drive people to buy a diamond set is saving the effort of matching different jewellery types.


  • Unique Mixture

Sometimes diamond sets represent jewellery types in a unique way that you have not thought of. 


  • Efficient way

Usually buying four different types of jewellery items separately may be more expensive than buying a combination of the same four types in a full set.


  • Perfect Gift

The diamond set has always served as the best option for gifts. As it is valuable and contains different jewellery types together.


  • Engagement & Wedding

The diamond set is an essential part of engagement and wedding jewellery in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. 


It is a smart way to buy diamond jewellery sets, as these will give a complete overall look, and at the same time, can act as a good investment for future needs.


Feel free to browse our various jewellery set options.


The Significant of Diamond


Diamond is a precious stone that is used in luxurious jewellery and other products. This precious stone is on top of all other gemstones because of its unique nature and features. 




Diamonds are very unique and are available in certain areas such as India, Russia, South Africa and Brazil. Also, in order for a diamond to be formed, it takes thousands of years.



All these facts make diamonds rare and valuable.




Diamonds are known for their colourless colour. The first two levels of the colour grading system for Diamonds which are colourless, and near colourless are the most desired diamonds in jewellery. However, the D level, which is the colourless diamond level is rare and this makes D diamonds unique and expensive.


Their transparency makes the lights pass through easily in the stone creating an amazing brilliance. Therefore, a diamond set with a high level of transparency makes elegant jewellery shine on you on special occasions.


Fancy Colours


Diamonds appear in nature in different unique colours called “Fancy Diamonds”. These are rare and thus expensive. 


The most popular coloured diamond is pink diamond. It became popular and in high demand after the beautiful engagement diamond ring that Ben Affleck gave to J.L with a rare pink diamond.


Besides the pink diamond, there are many various unique colours, such as black, blue, green, red, etc.



Why Should You Consider Buying a Diamond Set Online?



Imagine scanning all different types of diamond sets and checking what suits your style and need while watching your favourite show, at work, or before you go to sleep.



What online shopping provides is a completely comfortable shopping experience where you can enjoy your time at your ease.



Adding to this is the option to filter. You can filter according to your budget, so you will avoid awkward questions about price.



You will have the option also to filter diamond sets that have special discounts or offers to choose from your preferences.



If you choose to shop online, let’s say at a prestigious store like ours, then you will not face any hassle in payments.



If you look to gift someone a diamond set, you can choose your gift, wrap it and send it directly to the person you would like to give the set to with a personalized message from you on the date you wish to. Without any additional effort from you!



With online shopping, you will not have to think about the best time to visit the gold & jewellery store, or thinking about where to park your car.



It saves time and effort, and at the same time, you will get the same items if you buy them in physical stores.



Browse our diamond set collection online at your ease and pick your favourite.