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Gem bracelets are adornments for the arm & wrist. They are old jewellery items and come in different styles and sizes. Throughout history, bracelet designs have been evolved and developed. Right now, we have plenty of gem bracelets that come in different shapes, metals and stones
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18K Gold Set
18K Gold Set
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet
18K Gold Bracelet

Bracelets have many designs, but probably the most popular are bangles, charm & tennis. The reason might be their design that might work fine for everyday wear and at the same for special occasions.

At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, we have a great collection of different types of gem bracelets ranging from tennis bracelets to bangles. Our gem bracelet collection has mainly diamonds, zircon & pearls. Some of our bracelets will come with coloured zircon such as green, blue, red, orange, etc.

Check out our gem bracelet online collection to add new gem bracelets to your gold & gem collection.

Al Romaizan Bracelet Collection


Our gem bracelet collection is wide and has different types of bracelets. The main categories are;

18K Gold Bracelets

When it comes to jewellery studded with gemstones it is usually preferable to be used in 18K gold, because it is tougher than 21K. However, it does not mean that 21K gem jewellery does not exist or is not durable.

18K gem bracelet is usually simple and versatile. They are an excellent option for everyday wear or even a normal working day.

Yellow Gold Bracelets

Al Romaizan gem bracelets come in different gold colours, and the most dominant is the natural colour of gold, yellow.

White Gold Bracelets

The white gold hue is unique, and it ranges from white to light grey. Our white bracelet collection has unique designs and goes perfectly well with zircon stones.

Rose Gold Bracelets

Rose gold bracelets are one of the most stylish & trendy jewellery in recent years. This might be due to their light feminine pinkish colour. The rose gold bracelet studded with white zircons creates an elegant look with its amazing colour mixture.

At Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, we also have gem bracelet sets of three different gold colours or a gold bracelet that combines the colours yellow, white and rose.

Modern Style Gem Bracelets

Al Romaizan modern gold bracelets come in 18K gold. In addition, you can find various modern & stylish designs for rose, white or yellow gold bracelets or trio-colour modern-style gem bracelets.


Tips to Consider Before Buying a Gem Bracelet


  • Know What Suits your Style

You should check what style you like more before starting online shopping. You should check what makes you feel yourself. Is it thick yellow bangles studded with your birthstone or your favourite gemstone? Of course, you can always try to vary your bracelet collection by buying different designs and styles, but at the same time, you should feel that the bracelet you are wearing adds to your overall look, not the opposite.


  • Know your Purpose for Purchasing a New Bracelet

Why do you need a new bracelet? Is it to add more to your collection? For upcoming events? Alternatively, as a gift? Knowing the reason is important knowing the type of bracelet. If it is for an important occasion, then you need to look for a bracelet that will give you an elegant and lavish look that suits the occasion.

If it is a gift, then you need to check the style of the person you are buying the bracelet to.


  • Know your Wrist Size


Before ordering a bracelet online, it is essential to check the size. The easiest way is to check the size of the existing similar bracelet type you already have.

However, if you are buying a different type or you don’t have a bracelet to check your bracelet size, you may do the following;

  1. For a bracelet: Take a measurement tape or a strip of paper and wrap it over your wrist where you should wear the bracelet. Then, take the size and compare it with the bracelet size chart. In case you are using a strip of paper, mark the edges of the paper after wrapping it over your wrist, and then measure it with a ruler.
  2. For a bangle: for bangles, you need to measure it differently as below;


  • First, you need to close your fingers and place your thumb over the little finger. 
  • Then take the measurement the same way mentioned above.
  • Know the Stone you are wearing

When it comes to gem bracelets, it is nice to know about the stone used to embellish the bracelet with. Gemstones have interesting facts that will be fun to know.

Wearing a bracelet studded with your birthstone also might be a special thing for you.


Al Romaizan online store has an amazing collection of different bracelet types. Your new bracelet or gift might be among them, so check out our bracelets for sale.