Diamond Ring

Studded diamond rings are essential to complete your outfit on a special occasion. They have become associated with commitments, and it is almost impossible to find an engagement ring without a sparkling diamond in the centre of a cluster of small diamonds placed together, forming a circle in the middle.

    However, since a diamond ring is a jewellery article, it has been used for many purposes and designs rather than an engagement ring.



    Diamond rings are unique due to the charming sparkling diamonds they have and the several designs and colours they come in. Below are a few popular diamond ring designs.



    Diamond rings as per occasions



    Diamond rings have specialities. Each type may serve a certain occasion or a purpose


    • Engagement diamond rings.


    Under this category, there are various styles, but mainly, an engagement ring comes with one large centre diamond surrounded by similar yet smaller stones. Sometimes the ring may come with one stone, or the large central stone may be of another gemstone surrounded by small diamonds.



    • Eternity diamond rings



    These rings are anniversary rings. They are studded with a row of small diamonds that covers the whole ring



    • Half-eternity diamond rings



    These are also for anniversaries, but the small diamond row covers only half the ring.



    • Bridal diamond rings



    These are usually part of the bridal set.



    • Wide diamond rings



    These are basically cocktail rings with diamonds.



    Diamond rings as per the stone cut/shape



    • Oval diamond ring



    Oval diamond rings have the main diamond that has an oval cut.



    • Heart-shape diamond ring



    Heart shape diamond rings have the main diamond that has a heart cut.



    • Emerald diamond ring



    Emerald shape diamond rings have the main diamond that has an emerald cut.



    • Pear diamond ring



    Pear shape diamond rings have a main pear diamond that has a pear cut.



    All the above diamond rings are divided according to the diamond cut shape. Therefore, it basically, depends on your style and taste to choose from.



    Why is it a must to have a diamond ring?



    Diamonds have always been considered to be the most precious gemstone man has ever known. Due to the many properties, this precious stone holds, placing it on the top options for jewellery. Its uniqueness and brilliance make a diamond ring the perfect choice for wedding jewellery. So why are diamond rings essential jewellery items to have?



    The Hardness



    Diamond is on the top of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which means that diamonds are the hardest gemstone. 

    What we mean by the hardness of a gemstone is the ability of the gemstone to resist scratch. So, your diamond ring will never get scratched.






    Diamonds are wearable gemstones. What we mean by wearability here is that diamonds can be used in any circumstances, conditions, and even every day without losing their original appearance.



    Therefore, having a diamond ring as your wedding or engagement ring is a perfect choice guaranteeing the possibility of wearing it all the time.






    Having a high resistance to scratch, and perfect wearability will for sure make a diamond ring durable. You can buy a diamond ring to wear and keep it as a family treasure to pass on to the next generation. Being so valuable, ring diamonds are lavish heirlooms to keep.






    The reason that drives many people to use diamonds for wedding rings, and even all-wedding jewellery is the fact that diamonds will keep their brilliance forever. Their everlasting beauty indicates eternity in marriage life and relationships.



    Diamond Radiance or Brilliance



    When a diamond ring has the appropriate cut, its brilliance will have no limits. Its shine and sparkle are remarkable.


    An excellent cut with great brilliance may indicate a larger diamond size that will make your ring looks spectacular.



    Diamonds amazing range of fancy colours


    Diamonds offer a great range of coloured stones naturally. So, you may choose to wear a red diamond ring at your wedding instead of the transparent one to stand out!



    A treasure to keep



    Diamond rings will never fade out, or be out of fashion. Over time, diamond rings will even be worth more. So, having a unique diamond ring in your collection is a nice and easy way to save money for the future.



    Al Romaizan Diamond Ring Collection



    At our online store, we ensure to provide a diverse collection of high-quality diamond rings. So, what do you expect to find at our online store?



    White & Rose Gold Base


    Our diamond rings are designed uniquely to show the brightness of the diamond used. Therefore, rose and white gold work better with fine diamonds of a colourless level.


    For example, the bright white colour of the gold will add more to the brilliance of the diamond whereas the soft colour of rose gold will contrast naturally with the colourless diamond thus bringing out the clear shine of the diamond.


    18K Gold Rings



    The durability of 18K alongside its high percentage of pure gold makes it the perfect option to use with diamonds.



    High Colour Level



    Because high quality is what we also seek and ensure to provide, our diamonds are either of D or G-H colour level.


    The colour here means the absence of colour, and how much the diamond is transparent. The more the diamond is colourless, the more valuable it is, thus expensive.


    Our diamond rings are from the D –Colourless Level, G-H (Near Colourless)


    High Clarity Level



    The clarity in diamonds refers to the lack of inclusions. 


    At al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery online store, we have diamond rings of SI clarity. This clarity means that the diamond is slightly included, and will not be seen or noticeable to the naked eye.


    Unique Design


    Just like all other jewellery pieces we have, the way we design makes them special and timeless pieces.


    Our designs are inspired by our surroundings, environments, heritage and nature.


    Therefore, buying a diamond ring from our online store is your perfect way to stand out in beautiful designs of high-quality diamonds. Above all, you can achieve an elegant look at a very competitive price.



    Cherish yourself and the people you love by buying fine diamond rings in designs like no other. Start shopping now!